[B] Keyboard does not register all key presses when connected to bluetooth



I just wanted to reiterate the problem in the plainest terms possible.

  1. Eve V with V keyboard connected by pogo pins: No missed keystrokes
  2. Eve V with V keyboard connected by bluetooth: Missed keystrokes
  3. Eve V with different bluetooth keyboard connected by bluetooth: No missed keystrokes

So, the huge copy and paste on possible bluetooth interference is not relevant here (because of 2 and 3), nor the suggestion that the bluetooth driver is faulty (because of 2 and 3) nor the suggestion that keyboard is “mechanically faulty” (because of 1 and 2). To me, the problem is that I (and some others) have a V keyboard that is faulty. I have raised the issue with Eve, and they are currently investigating.


+1 i noticed the same issue (except that for me it’s with the touchpad instead of keys), tested both on V and on Macbook Pro 2017.

Noted here: [B] Delay/ghost clicks when using touchpad/trackpad when keyboard is connected via bluetooth


@Phil : Yup, that’s my experience. Just tonight I had the keyboard completely fail on me while in a Skype call. It just stopped working entirely connected via Pogo pins, I tried disconnecting and using by BT, no go. The only thing that fixed it was a reboot. At this point, this is a reliably undependable computer experience.


I read that todays MS patch improves Bluetooth connectivity. Maybe someone tests it. Would be great if these problems are reduced by this patch.

"Improves and reduces conditions where certain Bluetooth keyboards drop keys during reconnection scenarios."


Today I learned how to switch between devices in the V keyboard and connected it on Fn-2 to another computer. Same problem - missed keystrokes. So it is definitely a problem with the keyboard itself.


I have been using my keyboard here and there on BT and I have experience the same. I just thought i was sucking at typing but now that you mention it haha now, to find a solution :thinking:


@Team can you tell us something about this issue?


ok mates, I pretty sure I’ve found solution for this!

I downloaded Driver Booster free and it founded my bluetooth driver as extremly old. I updated this and now I quite sure I don’t have this issue on bluetooth. My driver is: version: and as I said it is dowloaded by Driver Booster.


I don’t trust driver update programs, so here’s a link to the intel page where you can download the driver directly from intel.

This is a direct link to the download: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/downloads/eula/27493/Intel-Wireless-Bluetooth-for-Windows-10?httpDown=https%3A%2F%2Fdownloadmirror.intel.com%2F27493%2Fa08%2FBT_20.30.0_64_Win10.exe


but this is the same version of driver?


As a matter of fact, its a newer version that what you got from than program.


I can be sure that my version solve this problem, I can’t promise it on your version :wink:


I can confirm that, for me, changing the bluetooth driver does not fix the issue.


I tested the V keyboard with other devices than V. Missing keystrokes on all of them, so changing the driver on the V is unlikely to solve the issue.


Was there ever a solution to the missed keystrokes while connected over BT? I hate that I have to constantly correct my typing because of missed letters when I’m using it over BT. Did a warranty exchange of the keyboard fix it for anyone?


Im curious about this as well.
I received my v in january but i never made the “support call”.
But right now im really thinking about it.


I haven’t specifically said indicated if the kb works over bluetooth for me because up til now i haven’t had occasion to use it beyond a ‘being lazy, kb in more convenient location’ scenario until today.

after having used it pretty heavily at work today, i did not notice many dropped keypresses (and any that i did, could very possibly have been me missing the key altogether). have you guys tried updating the keyboard driver as well as the bluetooth driver?

i vaguely recall having the dropped key press issue - i remember trying it out and thinking “yeah this isn’t going to be very useful” when i first received it - but it seems to not be there at all right now. the only thing i can think of that is different between then and now is the updates.

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For me, it’s not key misses, but the touchpad is horrible and i get ghost clicks or no clicks or weird cursor movement.

However, I still commented on all the posts regarding this, as i feel that these 2 problems are most likely linked.


Oh, yeah - I get this too. Always attributed it to just Bluetooth being spotty as hell tho.

If you ask me, it feels like the trackpad is way way way too sensitive. Look at it the wrong way and it clicks.


Really that shouldn’t be the case. This would mean the listening to headphones over bluetooth would be just as bad, which isn’t the case.

So really, this is actually the keyboard’s (or the bluetooth part of it, idk) firmare having problems.