[B] Keyboard does not register all key presses when connected to bluetooth



At the moment, the keyboard does not register all key presses when in bluetooth mode.

What does happen?
When connected via bluetooth, the V keyboard does not always register every key pressed. When I am typing relatively fast, it is missing out a letter in every 4-5 words.

What should happen? The V should register every key pressed when connected via bluetooth mode.

How often does this occur? All the time

How can we reproduce this issue?

  1. With the V keyboard connected, type relatively quickly on notepad (or any text editor that does not have autocorrrect). It should register every key pressed (e.g. “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”).
  2. Now disconnect the V keyboard and activate its bluetooth function. Repeat step 1. Not all letters are registered (e.g. “Te quick brown fox jumps ove the lazy dg”).

Note that I have tested a different bluetooth keyboard and that registers all keystrokes correctly. Therefore, it very much looks like it is the bluetooth function of the V keyboard.

I am using the default bluetooth drivers that came with the V - version

9 months with the V (was: 14 days with the V, then 3 months with the V)
HEB i7 2day experience

Yup got the same issue, the keyboard in bluetooth mode misses a few keys when typing fast. I’ll mention I had a similar issue with another bluetooth keyboard I used to own. I’m confident that this can be fixed by the Eve team with a software patch.

Using the updated drivers as of 05.01.18, but I don’t believe that includes any updated bluetooth drivers as far as I’m aware(which means I should be on stock factory drivers)

Summary of the V encountered issue for LB

@LazerCut : Did you open a support ticket for this issue? I’ve not been able to get my V usable enough to see if I can reproduce this issue. If this is indicative of using the keyboard in BT mode, then we just have a useless BT mode and are paying for it in weight and extra cost. Hopefully there’s a fix for this because this was one of the things that attracted me to the V.


Tried to reproduce it but with my V / keyboard everything is working fine in BT mode. Did you notice anything else that could be connected to this issue? Perhaps I can reproduce it and together we can track down this issue.


@jlorance I’ve not opened a support ticket for this particular issue no. I did for for some other problems I had though (“sticky” keys and a minor screen defect), but they’re not related.

I honestly feel this is just typical Bluetooth keyboard behaviour though. It’s not a very pronounced problem and only seems to happen when you type fast(i.e. alot of information is trying to be sent).


I have a second bluetooth keyboard which I have used with the V (thinkpad bluetooth keyboard), and no keystrokes are missed. So it’s definitely not a bluetooth problem - it’s a problem specifically with the Eve V keyboard via bluetooth. I raised this with support and received a generic “please record a video of the problem”, so I need to video myself typing!

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Previously I reported that I was not experiencing dropped characters anymore; however, the problem has resurfaced regularly since my previous version of this post. Basically, we all have a keyboard that is far heavier than it needs to be since it really doesn’t work well enough to be used in Bluetooth mode until Eve decides to address is.


I’m not sure why this is in “Software Improvements”. The keyboard and trackpad are clearly buggy product and should be treated as problematic issues that need to be addressed. While a properly functioning Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad would be an improvement, I would just consider it something that gets “fixed”


Out of curiosity is everyone here using a US keyboard?


I am using the normal “US” keyboard.


I’m using a UK keyboard.


hi guys i am using a US keyboard too, maybe i can’t type fast enough but for me this seems to be working fine

I try to type faster but then i lose accuracy so, no way of knowing if it is my poor typing, or if it is this BT issue. as far as i can tell, there are no issues here.


@Xinjie : This seems to be off the list of things to address. Many people, including myself experience this, rendering the keyboard, just an extra heavy attached device and not really usable for its exciting BT capabilities.


As an aside, would you agree that the extra stiffness of the kb (which I assume contributes to its weight) makes for a much better typing experience when connected to the tablet and set to the raised angle? The surface got some bad press for a hollow feeling kb with too much flex.


Curious to learn where the link between weight and missing key strokes will be.


Your keyboard or it’s driver may be faulty and that is why it’s missing keystrokes.

But please be aware that the missing keystrokes may be caused by a multitude of communication problems between the keyboard and the V.
Singling the bluetooth driver as the ONLY possible cause of missed keystrokes is possible, but not likely.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances (using short-wavelength UHF radio waves in the ISM band from 2,4 to 2,485 GHz) from fixed and mobile devices, and building personal area networks (PANs).

Here are a few mentioned (do you have any of them?).

The following things can cause interference with Bluetooth devices, if they are nearby (don’t forget your neighbours):

Microwave ovens

  • Using your microwave oven near your computer or Bluetooth device might cause interference.

Direct Satellite Service (DSS)

  • The coaxial cable and connectors used with some types of satellite dishes can cause interference. Check the cabling for damage that could cause radio frequency interference (RF leakage). Try replacement cables, if you suspect interference.

Power sources

  • Certain external electrical sources like power lines, electrical railroad tracks, and power stations can cause interference.

2,4 GHz or 5 GHz phones

  • A cordless telephone that operates in the 2,4 GHz or 5 GHz range can cause interference with wireless devices or networks while taking calls.

Wireless RF video

  • Wireless video transmitters that operate in the 2,4 GHz or 5 GHz bandwidth can cause interference with wireless devices or networks.

Wireless speakers

  • Wireless audio that operates in the 2,4 GHz or 5 GHz bandwidth can cause interference with other wireless devices or networks.

Certain external monitors and LCD displays

  • Certain displays can emit harmonic interference, especially in the 2,4GHz band between channels 11 and 14. This interference might be stronger, if you’re using a notebook computer with the lid closed and have an external monitor connected. Try changing your access point to use 5 GHz or a lower 2,4 GHz channel.

Poorly shielded cabling

  • External hard drives or other devices with poorly shielded cabling can interfere with your wireless devices. If disconnecting or turning off the device appears to help, try replacing the cable that connects the device to your computer.

Other wireless devices

  • Other wireless devices that operate in the 2,4 GHz or 5 GHz bandwidth (microwave transmitters, wireless cameras, baby monitors, a neighbour’s WiFi device) can cause interference with bluetooth connections.

Obviously the possible causes for missed keystrokes don’t stop there. The keyboard could be mechanically faulty, does it miss certain keys?

Is the keyboard fully or nearly fully charged? Does charging the keyboard make a difference? Low battery charge could make bluetooth communication intermittent.

There are probably other potential causes for missed keystrokes, but these are the most common ones - faulty or corrupt driver included.

Usually the faulty/corrupt driver can be rectified by deleting and reinstalling the device and driver.

Please also try the keyboard in different environments and see if that makes a difference. There are radio transmissions and interference everywhere nowadays, but your usual environment may have a particular transmission or interference that hinders the keyboard’s normal function.


@mirv , I’m aware that even UFOs might be a cause of the problem. However, my Microsoft and my Apple BT keyboards work with the V with no problem. I’ve removed and re-added the V keyboard a few times. I’ve had no luck getting any response from support regarding the myriad of BT issues. Regardless of whether UFOs or any other strange interference may be causing the issue, the fact remains BT mode remains unusable with the V keyboard/trackpad combo where all my other brand BT peripherals work just fine.


@AML : Well, the association is that there’s a battery in the keyboard to support BT mode. But if BT mode is really not effective, it’s kind of a waste. Sure, it makes it stiffer. However, just like the keyboard backlight that’s only effective due to the light bleeding from the top row, it’s kind of a half-baked implementation that we could have just saved weight and costs on; rather than rolling out something that doesn’t really work or is just looks cheap. I keep lowering my expectations.


It’s a bit difficult for me to follow your argumentation because my keyboard works simply great. I consider it a improvement compared to the sp3 pro keyboard I used before.
What is working so badly on your keyboard to arrive to such a negative opinion?


Well. I’ve given my list to support. It’s a decent keyboard not in BT mode. So, yes, it’s almost as good as my SP4 I bought used while waiting.