[B] Intel Management Engine security issue

After concerns were raised about the potential vulnerability of the V to security flaws relating to the Intel Management Engine, @iKirin helpfully investigated and confirmed that the V’s currently shipped are indeed vulnerable. He mentioned that the Eve team were checking with their manufacturing partner to update the Management Engine to a newer version that does not have the issue.

Whilst this issue appears to be in the process of being dealt with I’ve added it here so that people are aware of the situation and the steps being taken to remedy the issue. In my opinion security and making sure that all V’s are functioning as intended should be the priorities for software updates alongside the more exciting suggestions for improvements.

I couldn’t quite make this fit with the intended format of reporting suggestions, sorry!

Some manufacturers want to deactivate it completely if I recall correctly. Would that be possible? I think most of us private buyers won’t have any use case for it anyhow.

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Indeed. This article refers to a risk of bricking hardware and boot failure from turning the ME off completely, so it may be that such an approach is more appropriate in a factory setting than through a downloadable update. I know very little about this so may be wrong.

Any word here? I am not entirely familiar with the issue and honestly I just know too little about computers. But the issue been around for a while now hasn’t it? And it does sound concerning… Could someone with real info please shed some light? Would be much appreciated!

There is a thread about this topic check it out.

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oh ok thx, didn’t realize