[B] Function lock gets reset when reconnecting the keyboard


What does happen? If FN-Lock is on and you reconnect the keyboard to the laptop, FN-lock is turned off.
What should happen? The Fn-Lock state should not change when the keyboard is reconnected using the pop-pins.
How often does this occur? Every time
How can we reproduce this issue?

  • Disconnect the keyboard and use it in bluetooth mode
  • Make sure that FN-Lock is turned on (FN-Esc). e.g. Fn-F1 should make the screen dimmer.
  • Connect the keyboard using the pogo pins
  • Press Fn-F1 - that now starts help. The Fn-lock has been lost.

Fn-lock survives:

  • turning the laptop off
  • rebooting; and
  • disconnecting the keyboard (there’s a separate bug that I need to raise about that)

which is excellent. It just doesn’t survive when reconnecting the keyboard.

Eve Team - it would be great if you could arrange a firmware fix to the keyboard to resolve that.

Story of my V - First days

I shall award you the title of Phil the Pesticide, for your honourable work in flushing out all the bugs. Thank you for your service.


I would appreciate that too in the next iteration of the Keyboard firmware, since the newest does not have this and I really do not need the Functions mainly at all…


Good to know that fn-lock is permanent as long as I never disconnect the keyboard, or if I do, I JUST have to never ever want to reconnect it. That’s just PERFECT.

So, here’s what the keyboard makers score so far:

  • Made a keyboard where the left shift and right shift are different
    • nobody said “uhh… Guys…?”
  • Made a keyboard where the fn-layer survives three kinds interruption to the connection, but loses it when RE-connected
    • nobody said “uhh… Guys…?”

Nobody in the company has ever used a keyboard. That is the only explanation.