[B] FN-ALT is not the same as ALT-FN (and similarly FN-CTRL is not same as CTRL-FN)

What does happen? Pressing FN first and ALT second does something different from pressing ALT first and FN second.
What should happen? It shouldn’t matter which order the modifiers are pressed in.
How often does this occur? Every time
How can we reproduce this issue?

  • Make sure that FN-Lock is on. i.e. Fn-F1 makes the screen darker
  • Press ALT. While holding ALT, press FN-F9. The system does not save a screenshot.
  • Now try this: Press FN. While holding FN, press Alt-F9. The system does make a screenshot

This could also explain why some people had difficulty connecting the bluetooth: When Fn-lock is on, disconnect the screen. To enable bluetooth, you have to do FN-CTRL-F12. i.e. press FN first. If you do CTRL-FN-F12 or even CTRL-F12, nothing happens.

thanks for posting this, should clear up a lot of things
personally I don’t mind that there is a sequence, as that means more function
eg 1 + 2 = A ; 2 + 1 = B


Same thing happens with FN-CTRL.

Also, CTRL-SHIFT combination is not working (and it is quite useful, as in many text editing aps CTRL-SHIFT-V is paste without formatting - can’t do that on my V).


Try the right shift - that one works in combination with ctrl and/or win.

Bug report to get this changed: [B] Keyboard: Win + Shift + S not working

Doesn’t work for me with either Shift.

Didn’t mean to necro an old thread - i just thought to update the supersecret kb guide with the fn-funkiness and came back here - but i thought you might like to know ctrl-shift-v works for fine for me - might be an issue with your keyboard specifically.

although in excel i’ve taken to using menu-s-v for paste without formatting (don’t tell the menu-nerds. its just easier than right-click since the button is right there k!)


Just trying the ctrl+shift+v to get paste without format and it doesn’t work for me either :frowning:

I tried ctrl+left shift+v and ctrl+right shift+v and left shift+ctrl+v and right shift+ctrl+v nada