[B] Delay/ghost clicks when using touchpad/trackpad when keyboard is connected via bluetooth



What does happen?

When the keyboard is connected to my v, or my macbook pro 2017 via bluetooth (never via pogo pins).

For V and for macbook it does not matter the power settings (ie. if connected to power, if on power saver, if only on battery, etc.).
Neither the mac, the V or the keyboard are connected to anything else while testing this (ie. these are the connections: mac <-> keyboard (and nothing else) respectively v <-> keyboard (and nothing else) ).

Problem: When moving the cursor using the touchpad, the cursor movement is very laggy, and sometimes clicks just happen without me clicking, or the opposite: i tap (but don’t press until the touchpad “clicks”) in order to click (normal click or 2-finger --right click) but the click is not registered.

What should happen?

I expect that the touchpad works on bluetooth the same way as it works when connected via the pogo pins.

How often does this occur?

This hapens all the time when the keyboard is connected via bluetooth both to my V, and to my macbook pro 2017.

How can we reproduce this issue?

  1. disconnect the keyboard from V
  2. connect V keyboard to V via bluetooth
  3. try to use the touchpad


The problem that i have seems somehow related to these issues (there could also be other reports, but i didn’t manage to track them)

I have updated all the drivers and firmware available as of 14.01.2018 from here: Support – eve-tech.com section downloads. When reinstalling the intel wireless drivers, i run the installer twice: first time to uninstall the drivers, second time to install them, but there was no option to install them, so i chose repair. This did not help with my problem.

Edit 2018-01-25: I am using the normal “US” keyboard.

[B] Keyboard does not register all key presses when connected to bluetooth
Anyone got the V keyboard to reliably work over BT?
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[B] Keyboard does not register all key presses when connected to bluetooth

Happened to me today, after pairing another device.
Erasing the device made the problem apparently stop.


For me that still doesn’t fix the problem.
Plus: this also happens on a mac, so i don’t think its V who has problems.


I paired the keyboard with another device, same problem happens from time to time.I even turned off all the bluetooth devices I could. No luck. Im trying to make it run out of battery to see if a full boot will help. I will keep you udated.


Drying battery until keyboard off doesn’t help.


Just a wild guess: is there anything close to the keyboard /screen what could generate static electricity ?


Beside the V and the charger? No.
Even w/o charger (just v and keyboard) still no luck.

Also: same touchpad problem when connected to a MacBook pro 2017, and an Intel nuc @work. This is 100% the keyboard which is faulty.