[B] Buzzing noise from power connector when CPU is under load


What does happen? Power connector buzzing noise when CPU is under load
What should happen? V should be dead silent
How often does this occur? Every time when CPU spins up from 0%
How can we reproduce this issue?

  • Plug in your V
  • Make sure CPU is at 0%
  • Do something that spins up the CPU (e.g. start Google Chrome)

See example video below:

  • I have tested this both at home and at work so this does not depend on power outlet.
  • I have Surface Book on my table and I previously owned Surface 3 and various other laptops and never experienced this issue.
  • My V model is i7 1TB

Does this happen for every V or is my case unique?


Its a known thing and happens. Not a faulty device


And why is it only on V and not other laptops?


I think because on other laptops you have the fan spinning and thus you’re not hearing it? :slight_smile:


All Surface products that I used are dead silent. Surface Book fan only starts spinning when CPU is used for a while. Surface 3 is fanless.
Also I took that video just beside the Surface Book and V power noise is audible even when Surface Book fan is spinning…


Many laptops have coil whine. Just look at the notebookcheck reviews and you’ll see. My previous Dell did.

The coil whine on the V is pretty faint and can be reduced as described in my post below:


I have just tried your trick and unfortunately it doesn’t change anything, the noise level is exactly the same.


So every V contains this issue? I still don’t understand why other laptops don’t have that sound even with identical specs. Does V have bad capacitor quality?


Other machines also have this problem, just look at ‘windows coil whining’ in your search engine, you will find post about that for Acer machines, Dell machines, Microsoft Surface machines, Lenovo machines etc…
There is no real solution about that unfortunately.
Some explanations here : https://www.howtogeek.com/297166/what-is-coil-whine-and-can-i-get-rid-of-it-on-my-pc/

It depends also at how good the machine is to dampen the sounds.


I don’t know if it can help, I don’t have tie to test it right now but on the HP forums people were also complaining about that noise and after following this procedure it was gone : http://asusnoise.blogspot.be/
There is also a note on the HP website explain the problem : https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00965412


So it just happens randomly by magic?


not magic, it is an undesirable effect of electricity flowing through components and making them start to vibrate.


This is from the Dell website :

There were 2 situations on previous models regarding coil noise:
Situation 1:
-the coil noise could only be heard in a very quiet environment but could not be heard in say an office environment ( during meetings, climate control running, while working at an office desk ).
Situation 2:
-coil noise could be heard in busy office environments ( during meetings, climate control running, working at office desk )
Dell Engineering deemed the behavior from Situation 1 to be: working as designed
For systems in situation 2: Dell came out with a motherboard revision for certain models

If the noise could be heard in a busy environment, then there is a problem with the machine but in the case of the V we are in the situation 1, in my case at least, I don’t know for the others.


That’s the case for me. It has to be a very quiet environment for me to hear it on the V. I’ve heard much louder coil whine on other laptops (and PSUs for that matter) which is considered normal. If the V had a fan, I don’t think you would hear it at all. Which is probably why people don’t mention coil whine so much on machines that have fans.

I think all of my laptops have had some level of coil whine and the V is the quietest of the lot.


The fact is is that some laptops show this issue and some don’t. Why is this the case for V and how can it be fixed?
As I said I literally have surface book in front of me, no whine whatsoever.


Some machines have the issue, others don’t because components are not 100% identical from machine to machine.
To fix the problem, you have to tear appart a machine who have the problem and start looking at what component(s) has/have the problem and then replace/fix these components.
In 1994, when I was repairing computers, we had this kind of problem on some IBM systemboards and you know what the answer from IBM was ? ‘put some glue on the coil’ and that was the solution. Of course on desktop computers in this time it was easy. Not sure it would be possible now on a tablet.
I saw that Nvidia tablets have also this problem.

My MacBook Pro (2011) has also this problem.

Now you can ask Eve Support what they can do about it but it might be the same as Dell does, depending on the level of the noise it could be considered as normal.


Maybe this could be a solution for this Problem?

Spoiler Alert

That is a joke!


ok guys I have a proper answer for you. When V is connected you should hear only a silence. If you hear something like on my own video:

video -> https://photos.app.goo.gl/6g1HsBoiN3o12rKd2

you should write to SUPPORT! This isn’t normal like some of you said. This is an issue and your V should be repaired or change for new one. This issue is known for support and it is only on 1% unit. Yes, I am very lucky. And I believe if you have same problem as I have you will also get new V, as I will.

The one with the greatest imagination - Artur [18.04] - UPDATE: I made up problems - OFFICIAL

I already got a reply from support and they said that this is normal. Will you really get a new one?


yes. They promised me new one before end of this month.

This is not normal. This is very annoying, especially in quiet room.