[B] Battery Information


What does happen?

Battery information of the device are as follows:

Battery Chemistry: Real
Battery Serial Number: 123456789
Battery Percentage Resolution: 1%
Battery Capacity: Exactly identical as design capacity

What should happen?

Battery Chemistry: Li-ion, LiPo, or whatever the actual battery chemistry is. We all know its a real battery already.
Battery Serial Number: The actual serial number
Battery Percentage Resolution: Something more detailed. Other devices can easily show one or two decimal points
Battery Capacity: The actual battery capacity. It is hard to believe that my battery unit is EXACTLY the same as the design capacity for almost half a year.

How can we reproduce this issue?

Run a battery report tool, or use third party apps like BatteryBar or HWINFO


I can imagine that Windows Power Management has difficulty processing this as well.
Could this be related to other battery related problems reported at this forum?