Autorotate On/Off Flickers on

I suspect that the keyboard connector is the culprit but wanted to see what others have to say. If I disconnect the keyboard and restart the Eve V I don’t get the Autorotate on/off flickering to happen.

Is there anyway to get a replacement keyboard or is the sensor inside the tablet also messed up?

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You are correct in your assessment of the root cause. I had the same happen to me before in the past. I ended up needing a new keyboard. I don’t believe there is an avenue for that anymore. I think your best chance is to repair the keyboard or have someone repair it for you.


Thank you. I don’t know where to go get it fixed. I think one of the pins is bent and not connecting. I might get a cheap SP4 keyboard without pins (Bluetooth connection) or a Brydge 12.3 like some others have mentioned here ($70).

It is a pity that Eve doesn’t offer a replacement on their website.