August shipments


You should join their marketing team! :joy::joy::joy:


Yes, and none of them have issues with wobbly posts, cheap keyboards that scratch the screen protector, ghost touches, broken off pen holders, non-booting Vs and still waiting on their accessories.
Totally different pint of cool-aid, I mean point of view.
But hey, more power to y’all, I just want my legally owed money back and hope you’ll be as content with the customer service of EveTech as I am with that of ‘Acer’ and ‘Apple’ where I’ve purchased my three devices now instead.


Did you do the declaration to the police or not ?


Hi, another Canadian here. If I understand you correctly, there was a $69 add-on for “hassle free shipping” that caused your problem. So if we didn’t get the ad-on (I don’t think it was even offered when I purchased my V), we should be okay?


We are okay in any case … it is EVE that is in big trouble. Hassle free was offered (I don’t know if is still offered) for some countries to get care for import taxes, processing and other crossborder duties.

Issue now is, that EVE declared value of fully loaded V (i7, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD) + lots of accessories to be between US$350-400 … BTW RCMP investigator liked V much … If is not our problem (buyers) but EVE’s. Both CRA and RCMP were OK with my invoices and paperwork.