August shipments


Hello All,

I was wondering has anyone had any updates regarding receiving their V’s that was schedule to ship in August? I have a August shipment time frame but no actual date, and wanted to see if anyone has any news.


I haven’t either :confused: I’m hoping the update next Friday will clear it up though


I don’t recall seeing any users on here report their device has shipped in the past few weeks, not to say none have been shipped but I haven’t seen/heard about any.

@kagecorruption , as you said hopefully the major update will provide the news most of us are hoping for.


Or they will have another excuses and delays …


Contacted support two weeks ago if my end of august shipping date will hold. The answer was : "We always try to stick to the time frame, unfortunately the issues we have experienced made it hard. We’re working very hard to get your V to you, as there is nothing more we would want than you to finally hold it in your hands "
I guess they have very little control over the timeline as they simply don’t have the financial resources to pay their assembly partners.


My replacement was due to ship in aug, till now no shipping tracking number.


Be ready for October guys xD


I checked in with customer service as well just prior to the first as my estimated shipping calculator says simply August. I got an email back stating “Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with a more concrete timeframe. As stated your device will be shipped by the end August, but we are doing our very best to have it shipped before.”

At least after all these months I do have a ship by date.


Sadly it wouldn’t surprise me (or probably many others for that matter) if we did get another delay. Hopefully it’s positive news from the announcement coming this Friday.


If you still believe anything this lying squat is telling you, it’s your own fault:
Excerpts from emails by EveTech:

“Your device is scheduled for shipping in the last week of April.” (4th April 18)

“Lastly, we currently cannot a reason why it would take longer than 30th of June for your device to arrive, since the order tracker is a personalized view, I cannot see it from my end, but I do believe that your device should be there around mid-June.” (19th May 18)

I’m sorry but this “company” is so beyond incompetent and untrustworthy that I cannot but wonder about anyone who is still supporting them.


To believe it or not really does not matter at this point. Either way we all have to wait for either our orders to be sent to us or wait for refunds. At this point we have no other recourse but to wait it out.

As frustrating and poorly executed as this is I don’t see any point of complaining as it doesn’t serve any purpose right now. The computer itself seems legit and at almost $1,000 discount from a Surface I will deal with the poor customer service and fulfillment.


Exactly @ChrisNYC.

Every month or so they beg forgiveness with a bullshit message that raises more questions than it answers, accompanied with a new delivery date of another month - the next one should just say 2019 (ish) .

They miss the mark on so many levels it’s truly embarrassing. Accept you either wait an age for a V - or wait an age for your refund, Eve really don’t give a shit either way.


Ah, my friend, there are quite a lot happy V owners around. They look to this saga from a bit different angle mostly because they already received one. :hugs:


Frankly it’s why I’m hanging around, the device still looks fantastic and for the price its still a well spec’d device despite the fact the CPU is now from the previous gen of Intel chips.

If they can get their quality control sorted (not that it seems terrible now but some users do have some issues but I imagine most of the problem free V owners probably won’t post here to say their V is fine) it’ll be fine going forward.

If the news on Friday is the announcement of an investor meaning production can be ramped up (I can’t make out if folks V’s are built and waiting to shipped or still needing to be put together…) and devices shipped is the best outcome we can hope for.

I’m still hopeful we’ll get our V’s, hopefully it’s good news on Friday regarding this as I really do want to support them.


To make things worse EVE is investigated by Revenue Canada and RCMP for import tax fraud … for Canadians with “hastle free” delivery for US$69 add-on they declared value of EVE and lots of accessories below $400 … (it was i7, 16 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD).

New word for EVE “specific” dictionary - hassle free = registerd letter from Revenue Canada - CRA ( our version of US IRS) with demand to contact them immediately, then over 2 hours first call with CRA, than second call about 2 hrs, then visit of RCMP (our version of FBI) serious crime office in downtown Calgary for about 3 hrs …


@Lukas_Fikr That’s the exact specs that I ordered as well… does that mean I should be expecting a trip down to my CRA as well (btw I’m in Edmonton, so hello neighbour :slight_smile: )? If this is true and the EVE ships in mid-late August while I’m not in town, what does that mean for my order? Does CRA hold on to it?


Should be OK. After my explanation to both CRA and RCMP and with all paperwork I gave them - invoices from IndieGoGo and BackerKit + communication with EVE. We (backers and buyers) should be out of the hook , fingers crossed. But EVE is investigated right now.

I posted it previously as standalone topic, but it was censored …

As per moderator and Konsta, it is problem with fulfilling company, but “invoices” and other paperwork (at least for my order) is issued by EVE. And per RCMP investigator, they don’t much care - they go by invoices.


Now with US taxing products from China at 25%, will that be another game changer for Eve now?


Are computers in the list?


That’s your mistake, then. Eve did not offer hassle free shipping. The exact wording was that they were offering “hustle free” shipping.

Here is a copy and paste from my Backer Kit receipt:

Hustle Free International Delivery. Import duties and customs handed by Eve (For Canada, Japan, Australia, Norway and Switzerland ONLY) - Canada

I don’t know about you, but I took this to mean that there would be no “hustle” to the manufacturing and delivery of my Eve V, and that it would get to its final destination when it darn well felt like it, thank you very much.

There was absolutely no undertaking here that any of this would be “hassle” free.

On the other hand, Eve co-founder Mike says they don’t make any promises, only estimates. So it’s hard to say if this was a promise of “hustle free” shipment or just an estimate.