Audio Quality in Eve V


The audio quality is not great but the worst.


Not sure if typing mistake or really bad audio :smiley:


grammatical errors LOLz. i meant to say that the audio is best summed up as mediocre according to reviews so far


no we don’t, read this:
(Eve V - Screen protector)


I sure hope this is a driver, or some OTA update thing. Working in VO, I will install my ASIO drivers and connect the V to my audio interface and monitors, both of which I received recently with the thought that I will have my silent, fanless V as the centre of it all. But I also want to use my V as a video machine in my bed.

I guess time will tell.

Hope the QC will deliver :wink:


Really hoping this isn’t the case, because even the Surface Pro didn’t sound very good (although better than all tablets until the iPad Pro 12", IMO).
Fun fact: Design of the Surface Pro 3 (and later) speakers was taken from the Lumia 2520 tablet (which I own). That Lumia still has the best sounding directional speakers I’ve found. I’m hoping the V can at least “best” it!

At a minimum, I need the V to sound better and louder than my iPad mini. I can’t hear that thing while watching Netflix unless I turn the volume all the way up.


As an audio engineer, this speaker issue is very troubling.


That makes sense and I’m with you. Out of curiosity though don’t you use headphones or external speakers most of the time to do your work? That’s at least the picture I had in my mind until now :’)


Hi, disappointing to read about the audio issues because we have seen them in the prototypes already. we prototype testers created issue lists about that audio problems.We were told that the audio issues including missing max volume were solved…hm seems not…


I would never use EVE for ANY type of audio work (just play). I have pro equipment for that. My ears are however “tuned-in” to hear things like distortion, clipping, poor frequency response, noise, etc. These issues are an audio engineers worst nightmare. After all this time none of these problems should exist on a properly designed computer and certainly not on the EVE. Very disappointed. I hope they fix it very soon. :movie_camera::film_strip::studio_microphone::notes:


Oh I totally got you wrong there! Now I definitely agree with you! I can only imagine how bad it must be for a professional. It’s already bothering me when my girlfriend shows me a YouTube video on her S8 (which I don’t like the speakers of) and I’m no way close to being a professional.


Trust your ears…If something sounds a little off it’s either the equipment or the source, maybe both. That’s also true for live sound. :loud_sound:


Dear team, can you create an update topic about this issue? With some dates etc. I think we deserve that.


They are now totally focused on the deliveries of the backers Vs. AFter that they can focus on other things.

Giving timelines or dates doesn’t really work as as soon something is late, the moaning will start.


Team internally prepares a forum category for all those driver improvements and feature requests from community, so we need to wait till it’s live.
Hopefully they are part of the product we bought.


I think my initial comment might have been misread, mostly due to how I’ve written it. I’ll try to clarify it a little. But before that, having speakers that just don’t work or crack is never good. My point was more on the quality of the speakers in general.
Expecting to use laptop/tablet/2in1 speakers for professional or immersive movie watching is setting the bar way to high. That is why I think speakers are more a convenience. If your primary focus when buying the V was the speakers… I think you might need invest in something else…
The speakers should be loud enough to hear alerts in a room away. They should be good enough so you can watch a netflix show and still hear everything except the extreme bass good. if those points are checked, then they’re good (enough). Want more, you should get external speakers/headphones no matter what (portable) computer you buy.


I understand you very much. “The speaker should be loud enough…” but they don’t. “Should be good enough” but they don’t. Today my friend send me a link with interview. Really, I thought I have no voice on YT. I had 100% volume and there was no sound. After a while they started do speak loud that I could hear them. For my, at this moment they are useless. But longer I use V stronger I believe that this is software problem. I have to believe this. They can’t be so bad when everything else is better that very good.


I think the key here is for us to be able to have all of the issues reported in an organised manner so that we could go through them.

Submit your issue to our contact form on website! Thanks!


Thank you Konta, I will do that! You give me a great device! Tell me mate, are you sure that this is software issue or what? I can wait for update long enough when I’m sure that this will repair this problem.

PS Why on the box there is no my nick name? I don’t have ctrl+f function in real life but I can’t find myself. :slight_smile:


That would be the best way to make sure we have it all tracked!

As for other Hyper Early Birds! Have any one of you experienced this @hellBENder @ToiletSheep @benej98?

Also I remember someone had created an audio settings profile that sounded better. Do you mind sharing here?:slight_smile:


Have you checked your name on the poster?