Audio Quality in Eve V


Hello there! I received my V yesterday. First thing I checked was audio quality. Except small spaces between trackpad and alcantara that I can see thru when I have upper light audio quality is only one thing I can’t be happy with. I’ll write some thing that I love in V but thic topic will be only about audio.

SPEAKERS. They sound clean, but they are quiet are very very flat. Also when I hear windows error sound I think left speaker sound is distorted. I have comparison with my last daily driver Lenovo Y510P SLI with JBL and Surface Pro 4. The sound on Lenovo is much more richer, but what makes me hurt so much, also Surface Pro sound better. I believed (very very much) that this is drivers thing, coz same thing I had on Lenovo after Win10 upgrade when I lost Dolby drivers. But when I finally run them sound was very good. Here I tried to update drivers but this is not the thing. When I try to set up Realtek HD Audio soft to EQ called “ROCK” it is flat even more. It sounds like a clean but cheap phone. My Axon 7 speakers sound better :confused: Sorry @team but it hurts me so much. Maybe my expectation level was to high, I was to hyped. But seriously I’m quite sure that SP4 with dolby sounds better.

HEADPHONES: it is ok and only OK. There is no WOW effect, and also quite flat. But Konsta said, that they have to release full power on some update. I don’t know when.

I’m very disappointed on this point. “High Audio Quality” is one of your selling point for V. On advertisements you are still pointing that this is important thing. Please let me know what are your things about this.

[WIKI] - Fantastically outdated collection of answers to questions about the V

I saw a guy named Steven posted about the speaker quality a few days back. I am just gonna quote it here.

“Got my V here. Few problem… the screen protector is too flimsy, no any tools provided, my protector is damaged inside the box, can’t use it at all.
And the speaker of mine is a bit annoying… tried to play a song in spotify, sometimes, not very often, i can hear the sound is breaking… listen the same song on another device is fine.” I sent a message on customer support but NO reply from them. I posted on the Eve forums but it is pending moderator’s approval. And worse part is they did not approve my posting. They promised “TOP NOTCH” product to us and I did not wait for 1 year for the Eve to be delivered defective to us backers


Isn’t the sp suppose to be glass? flimsy in glass?

Sound - is it just a problem with the speakers?

I just did a test on this and found the same thing.

I changed the balance and played some system sounds, and the left speaker was distorted, and the right speaker was not. Going to test with some music now…


Screen protector is film, confirmed in another thread

@Artur_Jedrzejewski eve mentioned audio driver updates are coming soon, had to tune down speakers due to the amp frying some earphones.


yes, I wrote about this… but this can change only headphones qualitty.


Yes, you would hope that the screen protector is either packed flat within stiff card or in a tube. A screen protector with folds in it is completely useless.


Hiya everyone!

As mentioned we’re still tweaking the speakers of the V - they’re not perfect but we’ll continue working on improving them.
Behind the scenes, we’re working on some things already and also checking on how we can crowd-develop the improvements on stuff like the audio quality - but more to come on that later :wink:


I asked someone who knows his music, and he said there was no difference between the left and right on some Youtube videos.


how long iKirin? weeks, months? Are you going only to tweak drivers or develop some bloatware like Dolby :wink:


Breaking up of audio on a singular device seems like a bad connector. If on more devices it has to be a design issue (either hardware or software). Luckily audio is one of the easiest issues to fix with third party devices. I think speakers nowadays are mostly a convenience in laptops (and tablets).
I would be interested if the same issue is noticed when plugging in headphones and/or Bluetooth audio devices.


Not a convenience thing. It’s part of my main use. Part of the reason I bought the V. I’ve made many comments on the speakers expressing worry with no response from anyone at Eve, which is frustrating.

This isn’t acceptable IMO, I know we’ll work at fixing it but it does need to be fixed! It is not what we were promised at all, currently.


Most likely tweaking drivers but let’s see what we’ll surprise you with :wink:
Expect an update on the crowd development aspect of it later when more people have received their V!


BTW. I have used Eve since 10AM, now it is 1PM and I have 73% battery :slight_smile: quite nice :slight_smile: but I am still angry about audio :smiley:


I should mention one of the senior creators tweaked his speakers to perform similarly as his MacBook :slight_smile:
He might update you in that himself so I won’t spill things


iKirin, I beg you mate, please give this HIGH PRIO!

now we can destroy our speaker with no proper drivers.


I remember I did saw this.


I am using the “Party”-Equalizer settings in the Realtek Software. Without tweaking it’s horrible


The MacBook speakers in my opinion are the reference for all small devices. I don’t think you will get out a similar sound of the V speakers just by tweaking the drivers. That great sound of the macbooks mainly is a result of a ingenious speaker/resonating body compilation. Apple surely has put “some” money in developing this sound system to get out this cool sound.


I did get a film to protect the glass with my V.