Audio out options, using Xbox Series X and PC

Okay, both devices are through HDMI 2.1. The sound through the aux cable is very low. On a 1-100 scale, both need to be on at least 45, and 45-65 aren’t much on improvement on loudness.

It is not my sound bar, as my volume was around 15-25. 25 was very loud with optical out before.

Can the USB or Type C USB be used to send sound to my soundbar?

I do have an aux cable that has USB C with DAC, I use it for my phone.

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Exact same issue. I want to use the 3.5mm monitor jack so I can listen to both my pc and XBSX without having to switch every time. When i use the 3.5m jack on my second monitor (samsung G5), the volume gets BOOMING. Yet on my eve 27 144hz its laughably quiet on max volume.

Any solutions?