Are there any plans for an Eve Discord server?


I was just thinking, Other channels, companies and projects create Discord channels and it’s a marvelous addition to other communities I’ve seen. It lets people talk much more directly about things rather than waiting for responses on a forum. I don’t mean for it to take away from the forum, just have it be another outlet for the community. Major announcements and discussions could still be held here.

Post your thoughts about it! Do you think it would be a good idea?



There was one back in the days and it never got “busy”


Definitely a good idea in my opinion. Would also be nice for those who wanted to talk to one of the lucky “V Owners” in person, but don’t want to give away their identity/phone numbers etc.

Could also help the Eve team to communicate directly with members regarding issues, development of new ideas, special cases of customer support…


Might be worth a try again now that Eve has had a bit more time under a larger spotlight :smiley:


Getting an Eve Discord server could align well with one of the goals of this community, being a tech community. But I also feel that it could kill most, if not all, of that kind of activity here.

And there is also the issue that a discord server doesn’t align well at all with the other goal of this community, crowd-developing devices. For that a chat structure is mostly unusable.

(These are just a shortened and simplified version of my thoughts on the subject, but they should get the point across.)

Don’t get me wrong, I love Discord, but I don’t feel it would be a good fit with the current goals of the community. It’s something I keep my eye on, and something we will discuss internally, but for now I feel it just doesn’t align well enough.


How does Discord solve these things in a way Discourse doesn’t? Users here do not have to include any sensitive information to create a profile (remain anonymous) and can PM anyone on the forum to chat 1 on 1.


I’ve seen some folks around who actually asked for someone to literally “talk” to. And that’s where Discord might be an option over a forum conversation :wink:


There’s the telegram group already though as a place to chat. Discord would merely be a replacement/ better alternative to that rather than the community forum.

A big part of it had to do with the server not really being community endorsed. It was more like a single guy going, “hey join my discord server if you want to talk about Eve stuff”.


Does discord have some sort of a phone or video chat feature built in?


Yes, it does. Screenshare as well.


I probably won’t join the discord server. I really don’t see the added value of discord over something like a forum (this) in this scenario.
Looking at the activity on the forum doesn’t really make me confident that a discord serer would do well. There isn’t that much activity here.

I would be for a discord server so the community can do other things together. Maybe some people want to game with each other, or just hangout and chat with each other not talking about the V or Eve in general. So an Off-topic discord, that would be benficial I think (if it would be used).


“I would be for a discord server so the community can do other things together. Maybe some people want to game with each other, or just hangout and chat with each other not talking about the V or Eve in general. So an Off-topic discord, that would be benficial I think (if it would be used).”

The great thing about discord is that we could have several use cases.

Discord supports channels so, from your example, we could have an off-topic channel where people can chill, hang out and talk about non-Eve related stuff.

Another channel could be one for senior creators (which currently resides on whatsapp). Which would be role-access restricted to that group of people.

Another channel for the team where they can discuss stuff internally that are not for everyone to see.

These are a just a few examples I could think of, you get my point


I’m not sure you see the point I’m trying to make.

I would be for discord if it wasn’t a replacement or addition to discourse.
So don’t have the same channels as categories here. If a discord would be started it it needs be thought through about what it’s role and function should be. What should it take over from the forum, what can it add. Where does it compete with the forum, what would be preferred (long-term)?

If and when a discord is introduced, it shouldn’t compete with the forum. It should be an addition to the community so we can become more of a community with more ‘intimate relationships’ for a lack of a better term.

Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.


“I would be for discord if it wasn’t a replacement or addition to discourse.”

Thing is we already have the “telegram”/ “telegram off topic” and “whatsapp” / “whatsapp offopic” groups. So there’s a lot of “fragmentation” of the community already. If for no other merit, Discord’s channel architecture allows for all these to be unified into a single platform which is a pretty good start by itself.

Regarding the merits of a chat platform vs a forum. These merits are more general and widely known I guess. You can’t have the same level of interactivity and instantaneous support/discussion on a forum vs a chat platform. Discord’s voice/ video chat add even more into this kind of interactive experience and could come in handy in certain situations. Some people will prefer the forum style and not touch chat at all, others will choose to spend most of their time in the chat rooms, some both and that’s completely fine since people by nature like and want to interact differently. Having choices is not a bad thing, but having too many causes fragmentation of the community (already happening right now) and discord could be a way to solve this.


I’m unaware of (the scope) any fragmentation / other platforms for eve besides this forum. If that is the case then a discord server could have some benefit to it.

I still think it needs to be thought through by community managers who won’t take this choice lightly. It can have some serious long-term consequences.


I think you are just overthinking it way too much.

Forum vs these chat apps are mostly for totally different things. Discord is bettar for things that you would like to have a quick answer, and doesn’t really need “discussion” about it etc etc.

But anyways it would need to be official and would need all these other current channels to be merged (whatsapp and telegram)


I think you’re underestimating the possible consequences. Uncontrolled fragmentation is a very hard thing to fix. Books have been written on how to guide a community and it’s not an easy task.


Well this “so called fragmentation” is already in effect.

Personally I dont see how these two things could interfere, as they are used in different things.

Major stuff is anyways going to go to the community, polls etc other decisions.


An announcement channel, which is a common practice in many discord groups, could be used to inform users of important forum posts by the team. Thus encouraging engagement and connecting the two mediums (forum/chat group) together seamlessly.

This can be easily setup as a bot announcer and be fully automated, which is another one of the many perks of discord. You can then setup up you discord client to notify you about new posts from this channel and be kept up to date, if you desire.


Can you provide links to the Telegram groups?