Are 8th gen intels worth not buying the V?

I know, this might not be the right place to ask this question, but I’m gonna do it anyways.

I am going to University (I am from Switzerland, so no Idea where that would be in any other education system ^^) next year and I need a new laptop for that, as my old one from 2012 is getting really slow with its HDD, 3th gen i5-U processor. Plus, I want something smaller and with more battery power than my 15’ 2-4h oldtimer. At first, I thought of getting a surface, but the ports turned me off, so I came to the Eve V. But now, just as it is getting released, Intel comes forth and throws quadcores into Ultrabooks. Now I’m just asking myself if I should still get the V or if I will regret that decision in the future, when multithreaded applications are getting more and more common. I was planning to spend a bit more money (the I7 1Tb option), and then have a fast device for the next five or so years.
What do you guys think? Is it worth, buying a dualcore, if I could buy a similar device from HP or Dell for example with a quad for about the same price? I have a fairly decent Desktop at home, so I don’t need all the power, but it would be nice to be able to play a few light games on the go and so on.

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I think the only one who can answer that question is you. But I can tell you how I’m thinking.
I’m in a very similar position as you. I have a desktop at home for my power needs and a five year old laptop that’ll be replaced by the V. Just as you I’ll mostly use my V for university but of course will I do some gaming while I’m travelling. But I’ll satisfy my hard core gaming at home and don’t need anything powerful on the go. But that’s me. If you want and have the ability to have a portable gaming device, go for it!


University is university that’s the same all over the world, just some have lower standards etc. so the graduations may not be accepted in other countries of higher standard.

You have good options out there.i will wait a few more months and see how the prices behave. It is holiday seas8n, so you might get good offers. Wait and compare…

Honestly, it sounds like you would be better off with an ultrabook with an 8th Gen series CPU and either a MX150 or GTX 1050 graphics card by the sounds of things.

It really does depend on what you expect your work load to be and whether this would be your primary device or not.

The XPS and HP Spectre lineup looks really good at the moment with the 8th Gen refresh.

Yeah, one problem is, that dedicated graphics are usualy only found in 15" and up devices, or do you know a small one with a dedicated card? I really want something portable and like I said, I don’t intend to game hardcore on it, I have a desktop at home for that :wink: but thx for your answer

See it this way: How long have 2core CPUs from Intel been on the market? And how long did it take MS (and other OEMs) to make a decent device? If they need as much time with 4core CPUs you might be very happy with a V, as good 4core ultrabooks / tablets won’t see the sunlight in the near future.

I see your point, but slapping a 4core into a device doesn’t seem that hard to do, I mean the Surface Book 2 allready looks really good, apart from the ports and the price

there is the upcoming Acer Switch 7 with a dedicated graphics card in December. Though that will likely be a bit pricy, and who knows how the throttling may be though. There’s a decent deal on the Surface Pro on black friday (300ish$ off the 256GB model), though that also throttles and is 7th generation. Dell’s stuff is way overpriced. Lenovo has good prices. I’m actually deciding between this (the Eve V), the Acer Switch 7, the Lenovo Miix 820 (8th gen) and the black friday discounted Surface Pro. I’m also considering waiting for December, when Microsoft is supposed to reveal Windows support for Snapdragon 835 processors, which is supposed to allow for days of battery life without recharging (though who knows what performance this will give).

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Yeah I saw the Acer, it looks really good 13.5", a MX150 inside, a 8th gen I7 and if their website is to believed, it will be 1700$ ( but I’m not a great fan of only one USB and one TB3. Plus I don’t really believe this pricetag… even less since it sais “null” just above it, indicating that there is atleast something fishy with the site ^^

That very true… the performance increase is expanential. Oh well just gotta invest in 8th gen cpu. I mean 4 freaking cores… its double the number of core the V has and 40%+ in preference. Wtf your so right

AFAIK, there hasn’t been a 4 core CPU that doesn’t need active cooling. Even the Surface Pro i7 that has a dual core still requires a cooling fan.

The major part of Acer that parts me off is the weight. At 3.53 lb, it’s pretty heavy for a ‘tablet’.

Haha 140% of performance for 200% of cores is no where near an exponential increase :wink: Plus: many applications are not multithreadoptimised, so they don’t even take advantage of the additional threads

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I wouldn’t really care if my laptop had fans, but the wheight is a true drawback, haven’t looked at that :frowning:

For the time being the only competition to the V comes from then new HP Spectre x360. In the US you can get it with a 4K display and 1TB storage about $200 cheaper than the V. In Europe I do not even know if it is available yet.
The choice is yours.

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If you’re talking about the HP Spectre x360 13-ae090nz, which has the specs you’re listing, it’s slightly more expensive than the Eve V i7 1TB here in Switzerland, not including shipping, and stuff like that. But I don’t know if I’m a fan of the rotate the screen formfactor, I like the detachables more

The V still has the most power efficient processors Intel has ever made. And since the 8th gen processors are still Kaby Lake, I don’t think they will make a 8th gen Y series. You may get better performance out of 4 cores but under load it’s 35 watts vs 7 to 13 watts for the V. So my guess is that everything you’ll do with an 8th gen processor will bump its power consumption and kill your battery life.

The V’s processor are NOT out of date imo and that is a good thing.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the V’s processors are out of date, I’m just wondering if the other ones are a better option. But the thing about batteryconsumption is very true, thank you for reminding me of that

It’s lacking the dedicated GPU, but it might be worth waiting for the 8th Gen refresh of the LG Gram.

Very lightweight (less than a kilo) and does very well in the battery department.

the acer 7 is just under 2.5 pounds for the tablet. with the keyboard you get the 3.5 pounds . i think i’ll wait for that device to get reviewed before making a decision. i don’t need a computer “right away” so i don’t mind waiting for the reviews to pour in. the cost is 100$ extra compared to the i7 16gb 512 GB Eve V, but uses the U-type processor.