Apple livestream discussion thread


Introducing first ever amazing wireless keyboard :smile:


That may be the case (no pun intended) with the iPhone 4s. Most phones with glass backs these days shatter easily. One drop is all it takes.


And which one to the old supplier :poop:


Nothing too amazing I agree, Samsung must be pretty happy! Eve Phone anyone? Haha


I’d love one, with Windows 10 in some form of course!


I would want Android personally. But if they can actually make windows 10 mobile with proper app store and no bugs then maybe.


I totally loved my old windows phone. There was so much life in it. All those moving tiles. It made the phone feel different to all the others. It made it feel kind of alive - in a sense that it never stood still. Incoming message? The Message-Tile moved and shook. Weather or news-tile also always moving. Thats something I really miss on our devices today.

If there would ever be some kind of EVE-Phone - which I would totally appreciate - it would be great to see it being something special like these “living phones” were.

BTT: I saw the keynote, too. I’d personal like to be the iPhone X more edgy and more bezelless. It might just look better in real-life but on pictures and videos it didn’t really impress me. This is to be said about the camera, too. I don’t like that humpback. But I think Face-ID is an awesome feature. I’m curious about the future of our mobile devices :slight_smile:


iphone 8 is same thing except for the camera.For the better camera experience you have to buy the plus model
The iphone X looks very the essential phone.The camera should be very interesting.We have to wait for samples.They did not mention anything about fast charge but in the end when they list all the features you can see fast charge capable.
And then there is the price…1150 euros …


You left out the QI charging which is also supported on the 8 and 8+

Fast charge is supported if you buy the charger pack (about 80euros). The phone comes with the same 5W charger like the previous ones :slight_smile:


oooo come on plus 80 euros extra for fast charge?
that’s why they say fast charge capable…if you buy the extra fast charger
you get that for free on android phones since many years


Such bloody teasing… Don’t know if i’m mad i don’t have it, or happy because soon.


Same for many android devices, just that it isn’t that expensive.


The reason why they don’t ship fast charger is simply because fast charging is bad for the longevity of the phone itself. Fast charging is meant to be something that you use rarely, in an emergency. Not everyday.

This is especially important in phones with non removable battery. On the other hand, Android manufacturers don’t give a damn on what happens to your phone after the warranty, or heck, the 30-day return period ends. The fact that they no longer give you updates several months after the release is one example.


I remember reading a report about Sonys boring design because all look the same and it is not feeling as good as past times because they choose a aluframe back instead of glass. As you see, if you don’t put glass on it you will get critics in the test reports xD


That is not completely true. Depending on the technology you use. Excessive heat for the battery is bad and atleast few technologies avoid that by moving the fast charge parts to the charger itself.

I have used my OP3 dash charge all the time and my battery still lasts as long as it did last year. Of course if you tend to keep the phone for many years you might see some depletion.

Still a really bad business decision on apples part not even mentioning the fast charge capability in the keynote. Also they have these upgrade programs which many use, that let you exchange to a newer model when the new one comes out after a year.

Wireless charging is much more worse for the battery than fast charging.


But if you don’t have it, the reviewers complain :grin:

Imo that’s junk for the time being.


I did read something similar, but due to the bezels it still has, idm them. how should I hold it in landscape otherwise?!


I personally think that Qi wireless charging is an excellent addition to the iPhone. I’ve been using a wireless charger on my nightstand for the past four or five years or so, and it’s very convenient. Is it perfect? No. Is it more convenient than plugging in a cable? Yes. Is it still early in the life of wireless charging tech and will things get better? Definitely. But not unless companies invest in it…


Face-ID seems exactly like Microsoft’s Windows Hello facial recognition. I don’t doubt that the software is more advanced, but the hardware seems identical.


Hmm, Apple might not be the first mover in terms of innovating new features these days, but when they implement one, it is usually top-notch.

Just a casual example, Samsung did come out with Face Recognition first, but their implementation was arguably weaker which required users to position their face at a particular angle.