Apple livestream discussion thread


Hi Guys!

I am watching the Apple event off my V and decided to start this topic in case if anyone wants to share their thoughts!

Will you buy new iPhone?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t know yet

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Oooo. New iPhone is announced.I don’t know how about you but to me Apple sounds quite boring in those Keynotes. I love the music they pic for videos though :slight_smile:


Well iPhone now is announced. To me it looks odd. I mean really they are using Ceramic + Aluminum frame. Just like Essential phone, Xiaomi, etc

Display is same as before… Apart from true tone which is cool

Let’s wait for the IPhone X


They’re using glass for the back, and I’m done with phones using glass backs. They’re all sacrificing durability, for what? Appearance? People are just gonna put cases on them.


Ok I think that the camera lighting feature is really cool!


the same thing again…at least for now


Agreed. But it is more of a refresh though, haven’t really done anything extraordinary, but that’s today’s OEMs for you.


Wait for it. Let’s see the X. Ooo coming now!
Yep its curved :smiley:


“One more thing.” The iPhone X. Glass back again :sweat_smile:
“Super Retina Display” you’ve got to be kidding me :joy:


Now you know what company is market leader :slightly_smiling_face:

Super Retina sounds a bit like Super AMOLED

It’s great that they have all the sensors at the top of display


This might be the reason OEMs are sacrificing durability for so-called “design”. They realize nearly everyone just uses a case anyway, and in Apple’s case (no pun intended), it keeps their accessories supply chain happy (i.e. Companies like Otterbox)

I’m not trying to justify it, as I’d rather have function and durability over “artsy” design, but unfortunately the marketplace pendulum has swung the other way.


IMO, Apple messed up, started to follow :slight_smile:


Emoji think is cool! :slight_smile:
I know what kind of Emojis I would send to Sharp:)


Darn. I was thinking that I would make this thread first!
I personally am not too impressed. They are always just catching up in hardware then offer more integrated uses with their software. iPhone X is cool but I’m still gonna wait for the pixel 2 xl.


Face ID didnt not work on stage. Hmm

It looks really similar to new Xiaomi MI Mix announced few days ago


Unfortunately, Face ID messed up on stage.
Super fast when it works though :o


Now would be the perfect time for Microsoft to release a Windows phone device that runs iTunes.


Xiaomi probably trolled Apple’s supplier and picked up cheaper parts.


The glass back is also to facilitate the wireless charging feature.


Have to disagree with you.
Had the iPhone 4s with glass back - dropped it few times, never had any signs of damage. And I never put a case on it (just looked to col for that :slight_smile: )