Applause for Benchmark Winners?

I follow this forum since several months;
Many times I had the feeling, EVE V fans are benchmark test fans.
They discuss about milliseconds, nits and parts of Zentigrades.
I think, the V is more. It is an instrument for working, Enjoyable working. Enjoyable spare time.
Fun looking at a piece of design at your fingertips. Pointing towards future development.

I believe there are just smallest differences between different models of notebooks, which are not even feel-able for the average user. Calculating an Excel sheet in 1.0 or 1,1 second - what does it mean?
Or 100 pages of a dokumentation? Or copying 5 GB from here to there in 10 seconds?
Yes, there are users who want to compile or translate large amounts of data. For these it could be important to end calculations in seconds or parts of an hour.
Is all this meaningful for you or me, the average user and fan?
I just want cream of the top, no matter if it is a second faster than the competitor.
To get the really best you may spend several 100 percent more than for a V of your money. In other words: for any given technical product you might spend 100 units of money to get it. You may spend 150 units to get the top. 300 or more for ultimate.
The V is top. I do not need more benchmark points this times.
Of course, times will change and needs may too.
You will balance.
I did since 1975.


Yeah, then dont read the benchmark test thread. Simple as that.


Hmm drawing people to numbers that have no relevance to the daily use?
Sounds to me like Corporate Bull…

Just easy. Buy as many notebooks and computer as you like and just run benchmarks on them, nothing else.
If that is your hobby, go ahead.


Who said it’s the main thing they do. Can you please stop making assumptions on things you don’t like.

If someone is interested to learn how their could behaves on load how is it away from you? Or if someone wants to tinker with undervolting. Again not away from your usecase.

That’s the beauty of the community. This isnopen for all kinds of discussion, if you don’t care about something, don’t read the thread and don’t make useless complaining threads about other people interests


There is merit to benchmarking (provided it is done properly and the results are interpreted with insight and not with a straightforward ‘higher numbers = more better’-mentality). That said, there is also merit to accepting a device for what it is and for how it feels to use it.

With topics discussing benchmarks and results at length, is is not strange for someone to wonder if these numbers really matter if the user experience is smooth. As mentioned, this community is open for all kinds of discussion. That includes the freedom to question the value of benchmarks.

Let’s embrace the spirit of the season and give each other room to benchmark to their hearts’ content. Or not, if they don’t want to!


I think this thread has no raison d’être

I never thought I ever had to justify why benchmarks are being made.

You said it yourself. I, too, want a device for enjoyable working. But when the processor acts like a roller-coaster and throttles down to 1.6Ghz, it makes my work experience less enjoyable. Benchmarks and tweaks needs to be done in order to fix most of the problems, and we actually did!! Well, at least we fixed a part of it.


Pretty useless thread. People will always tinker with devices that allows access to its hardware. From cars, smartphones, toasters or whatever. It is not about trying to get a better benchmark. It’s about the challenge of squeezing every bit of performance out of something. That is where the fun is. You learn a lot about a technology by trying. Collaborating with like minded people and getting it to do something that it couldn’t do before or doing it better.

While you may see it as a useless venture since you believe may not have any real use cases. That’s fine because that is your opinion. However, we all think something that another person does could be a waste of time or a useless pursuit but sometimes it is best to keep those opinions to ourselves.


Thank you for your allowance of my freedom of speech. Sorry, you did not understood what I really was trying to say.
I learned a lot of technology by studying and working on the job. And I am still learning about people which is at least as interesting as learning about machines. Chinese people say "You always will learn from any book as soon as you open it.“
So have a fine 2018 and keep on learning.
You may keep in mind a German saying “who measures lot measures a lot of crap” [Wer da viel misst misst viel Mist”.

I learned a lot about technology by experimenting stuffs by myself and it finally paid off with my V.

Do you own a V? A vanilla V is not top, sorry. You need to tweak. By experimenting and benchmarking you can know what your tablet limits are so you can push better results. In GTA 5 I now have an avg fps of 46, versus 27 with a vanilla V. 27fps isn’t top in my book.


I don’t know man - getting big numbers is fun and all but in truth, unless eve lets us tweak it in the bios, the only tweak i’m likely to keep for the long term is the undervolt.

Its too annoying now and we need too many tools to get anything else done as it is.

Plus raising the wattage on my V makes it reach temps that i’m far from comfortable with.

Have you ever tried to see who can skip a stone across water the most times? For most of us, it’s about as meaningful as that lol.


I’m going to once more remind everyone that people are entitled to their opinions.

For most users of the V, the average frame rate in GTA V is not going to be a deciding factor in their daily enjoyment of the device. It’s a great game, and it’s awesome that your knowledge of tech and your skills at tinkering with the device have made it so that you can run it well on your V. It really is.

But for many people, the vanilla V is a top device that does what they need, smoothly.

This is a community with people from all walks of life and from many countries. That means others may disagree with you. It means others may misunderstand you. Accepting that does not mean saying “yeah, you’re entitled to your opinion but you’re wrong and your topic shouldn’t exist.”

What I see here, is someone who wonders what the purpose is of chasing after higher benchmark scores. Instead complaining that this is an invalid question, why not try to educate?

@Xify has an excellent example here of what benchmarks can help accomplish. So why not lead with that? Why not explain that benchmarks are a tool that allow you to tweak the performance of your device to make it run games that would not properly run otherwise? Because that’s answering an honest question about the practicality of benchmarks with a practical example of their use.

It may increase understanding of benchmarks not only for the OP, but for all others visiting the forums.


@manni I apologize that I came off short with my second post. But yeah, there are benefits and is a fun activity for those that like it. Just like @Xify had stated.

Just ask to be more inquisitive about why we do it.

Happy New Year

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