Anyone updated their V to Windows 10 version 2004?

Curious to know if anyone has updated their Windows 10 on their Eve V to version 2004, and whether they had any problems.

I haven’t updated yet. Windows is telling me that the “device is not ready” like the screenshot here:


I have already installed the 2004 version for more than a month. I have even been since yesterday on the future version 20H2.
no problem noted, apart from the borrowing sensor which at times does not recognize me.


“Device is not ready” message.
Waiting for the update, no clue what is not ready.
It looks more as if Windows is not ready to me. :roll_eyes:


Thanks for the responses! I’m glad there are still a few of us left that have working Vs.

If we need to wait for a driver update from Eve, we will be waiting forever! So hopefully it’s a third party driver that needs to be updated. Anyway, it’s probably good to wait a couple of months for Microsoft to fix all the bugs in the release.

It’s not only Eve V that hasn’t gotten the update to 2004. Surface Pro models are yet to get it as well. That saying, my laptop had been upgraded to 2004 so it’s just a matter of time when the A/B testing are finalised before we get it.


My V has been on 2004 since just after it was released.


I’ve tried and also get the error that the “device is not quite ready… but they are working on it”. Form other publications -it seems tit has t do with Realtek an Intel drivers that need to be updated.

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I’m a First Gen user of the EVE, Great system! the recent Windows 10 Feature update ver 2004 won’t load-Microsoft advising my device is “not quite ready”- and they are working on it and will let me know when ready. Form what I;ve read, it has to do with Realtek driers and possibly Intel. Anyone else having this issue ? 1909, BTW-loaded fine.