Anyone received Eve V in India yet?


Did anyone receive Eve V in India yet?
Looking for an estimate of customs charge and shipping experience.


That’s interesting, I haven’t heard a word from anyone about delivery there in India, on the communty.

I hope they used the dabbawalas system.
The very best and most reliable delivery system in the world!


Indeed. They’re pretty amazing!
Heard that Flipkart, an indian e-commerce site actually partnered with them in some areas.


Guess there were no HEB’s from India. But, being from the Limited Bird batch, I eagerly await


Hey Sriram, I’m in LB as well and hoping customs duty won’t kill the deal :wink:
Did you upgrade the SSD or just awaiting the next LB dispatch?

Appreciate if you could post as soon as you receive yours and the customs charges.


Agree. They are amazing and sometimes corporate shy of their process compared to what dabbawalas achieved. Some case studies compare it to six-sigma and its impressive.


Hey Venkat,
I got my V in India, any info u need I will be happy to help.


Thanks Tushar.
Was there any customs duty to be paid while delivery?
And which company is delivering the package in India?


Hi Tushar,
Nice to know you have received the V. Share your customs experience


Hey Venkat, on my delivery there was Rs.12800 custom duty that had to be paid and DHL delivered my package.


As the package was delivered by DHL all the customs was taken care by them. Before delivering they just asked me give KYC document. Make sure you have kyc documents available for the delivery address. They will send a link for payment and once you share the payment details package gets delivered within no time. Also DHL is very fast so nothing to be worried about delayed delivery.


Can you share some estimateds how much did it cost, so probable buyers can have atleast somekind of price range for the costs :slight_smile:


That’s really good to know. How much did it cost?, I mean, the customs duty, because, as i understand, the customs duty is different for a PC and a tablet.


Tushar mentioned it as Rs.12800 (approx USD185) in his earlier post.
Thanks Tushar!

Also DHL in local delivery is great! Hoping to get everything intact as many other regions having problems.


oops, i didn’t read the earlier comment from Tushar. Thanks for the update. Hoping to receive the V in good shape as well.


Sorry, which model did you order. I think the customs duty is some percentage of total product cost, right? :slight_smile:


Hey Tushar, can u specify d model u ordered? So dat v can get an estimate of d custom duty rate…


I had the i7 512GB model, below is the total taxes structure which I had to pay,

This is something I got from DHL as custom bills, hope this helps. I didnt get any doc where any kind of percentage is mentioned, I will search for any and post it here when get it.


Many thanks Tushar!!
This is very useful for us to have an idea of how much to expect.


Thanks @tushar_kar!
One more Q - were you in HEB or Early Bird?
Also, where were you tracking your delivery status from?
I am using the Backerkit link:

This link still gives the status as ‘Ready To Ship’

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: