Anyone have feedback on using DP 1.4 with Spectrum?

I got an LG C1 and unfortunately 1 HDMI port on my ftw3 3080. And pretty much all DP adapters to HDMI are 1.2 to 2.0 so I’m capped at 60 fps and 4:2:2 (@ EVE if you guys want to build a DP 1.4 (or backwards compatible DP2.0) to HDMI 2.1 adapter, I know a guy who’d wanna buy that).

I’m thinking of moving my LG C1 to my 3080’s HDMI port and switching my spectrum to a DP 1.4 cable. Has anyone used the display port? Do you get a consistent connection? I have to order a dp 1.4 cable so I can’t test it out yet so I figured I’d ask the community their thoughts.


DisplayPort 1.4 works fine. I run the display at 120Hz.

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I’ve been running DP between my RTX2070 and the Spectrum. It’s been reliable for me, 4K@144Hz with HDR.


Question for you, what settings do you have for nvidia control panel and on the monitor to make this work. I can’t get past 120. I also have 2070.

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To set up my shiny new Spectrum, I simply moved the generic DP1.4 cable from the outgoing LG 27UD58 to my new monitor. The screen blanked out every few seconds.

Having read a few community posts regarding blanking and black screens, I assumed the problem was down to Spectrum firmware, as the cable worked flawlessly on my old 4K/60Hz monitor. However, before throwing my toys out of the pram, I decided I’d bite the bullet and try a ‘better’ cable.

I bought this one, connected it, and the blanking disappeared. Seems that the firmware (102) works fine, but that not all cables are made to the same standard!

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Don’t update the firmware. As soon as I update to 104/105 the blanking comes back.

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Yeah, good advice. My Spectrum is currently working fine for my needs (4K/120, HDR off, RTX 2070).
Although I would like more software options, I have no intention of upgrading the firmware until Eve release an update that is consistently reliable. After spending ~£800 on this product and waiting over 4 months for it to be delivered, I think it’s quite rude for Eve to then use me as a beta firmware tester!

And it goes without saying that they need the Spectrum to work properly with all recommended minimum configs before they begin shipping “to a store near you!”

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Devil’s advocate (with proper cables) my 104 has been flawless. Tested:

4k 144hz - Linux
4k 144hz - Windows 11
4k 120hz - PS5
4k 60hz - macOS w/ single USB-C cable

I don’t have any special settings. I was just able to plug in and select 144Hz in the Windows display settings.

The only thing I’ve changed in the Nvidia Control Panel are the color settings, where I’ve forced the use of RGB 10bpc with full range.

I don’t know if my card makes any difference, but it’s an EVGA 2070 Black.

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Thanks for getting back to me. I was able to get 144hz 10bc with my 2070 using a DP1.4 cable in the end. Worked fine and automatically on a good DP 1.4 cable. I recommend people check out this video. LTT tests DP cables: I Spent $1100 on DisplayPort Cables… for Science! - YouTube


Hi all, sorry I stopped receiving notifications for some reason and didn’t know anyone was responding to me.

I was able to get it to run at 144hz at 4k using 10bpc with 444 format. Since moving from HDMI to DP, I haven’t had any screen flickering or weird monitor behaviour. So i’m really happy with it.

A proper cable makes all the difference. I live pretty close to Infinite Cables (the one mentioned in Linus’s video that Good4y0u linked) and can vouch that their HDMI, DP, and Ethernet cables are among the best I’ve ever used for several years.

If anyone else is reading this and you’re having weird issues with your HDMI (I originally wasn’t until I had to reinstall windows) try switching to display port, it may fix everything. I’m still running on original firmware and my monitor is still perfect for me.