Anyone from Malaysia getting V?


Would like to know anyone in Malaysia getting the V so far? If one does, how the clearance of custom done?


IIRC malaysia don’t charge tax on electronics imported for personal use. Can check with the lowyat forum people on how it works exactly. Either way Tax (if any) will have been paid by Eve.


Unfortunately this is not true - we only offer to have duties&taxes paid for a select number of countries including (but not limited to as I don’t have them all in my brain right now): EU, US, Canada, Australia, Japan.


let’s hope i’m right then… ._.


Well i’m from Penang but have been living in Canada for the past 7 years if that counts :smiley:


Hello! @Sean_Low nice to meet u!


Nice to meet you too :slight_smile:


I’m from Malaysia too, but I’m currently in HK
does anyone know if our Lowyat or SoyaCincau is getting the V too?


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Hey guys, any of you received your Vs yet?

Mine just went out for delivery from DHL KL !!

I just wanted to share that except for a slight delay at customs (it had to go through inspection, which took a day to get done), everything else went smooth. No extra duties or charges that I am aware of.

Hope you guys get your Vs soon


Waiting for the V from first flash sale …


Congratz man, hope you get yours as soon as possible with no problems :slight_smile:
Unfortunately for me, I have yet to receive my tracking number until now…(I’m LB) :frowning:

But i wonder if yours have already arrived in Malaysia, what about the other Malaysian LB’s or HEB’s Vs? Could they be here as well?


hi5 bro, same situation here, waiting for this week’s update to find out where my V is


Unfortunately not yet. Do share your experience, TQ


Ok, I got my V this afternoon. It was obvious that customs opened everything up for inspection. I had a small scare as I thought there were rather big scratches on the screen. Luckily, it was probably just glue smudge from taking the V in and out of it’s protective packaging. Any way, everything \I ordered came, and mostly in working order. Haven’t tested Bluetooth on the keyboard yet or some of the ports.

My first impression: Damn this thing looks so much better in the flesh than in the pictures. OK, it’s bed time for my kids and they’re all screaming. I need to hide this thing away from them before they “accidentally” do something to it :scream:

Hang in there guys. CNY is over, your V’s are coming. I really think you will like it.

p/s: I need to find a hi-res wallpaper. The one I currently have really, really doesn’t do the screen justice !!

@hiddenflaw I really hope you folks in HK get your V’s soon. It’s unbelievable that you are down the road from the warehouse and yet haven’t got nada. Mad respect for your cool and patience.


They’re being shipped over individually direct from HK. It’s not the same as the US/Europe delivery method. Hang in there bro.

You’d think that not having tracking number or have tracking number but no movement for a week+ will drive you crazy right? I started biting my nails when the V started moving from HK…it’s coming it’s coming…then when it arrives, you open up the packaging one by one…anything broken? Anything scratched? Kan cheong big time !! Hahahaha :crazy_face:


Hmm I can feel what you mean, just getting through custom! Malaysia one especially! Heard about parcels not getting through/missing from friends. Hope it’s just some myth.

Enjoy your V! I just hope mine will somewhat come soon because my Surface Pro 1 has finally broke down :’’(


Thanks for the update bro. Looking forward. Surprisingly I’m cool about the delivery as we know la, CNY or Raya everything stop. Biasa je.


GOT MY TRACKING NUMBER. I expect V in my hands next tuesday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: