Anyone else interested in a 5k or 6k Display that has more ports than just Thunderbolt?

Here’s a picture of the remote. The board has audio support so if I attach a speaker I could adjust volume with the remote. Also let’s you switch between different modes like split screen between 2 inputs and also split screen with 3 inputs.

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Hi @James_Almeida,

That’s a lot of feature :smiley:

Features aside, I think having a remote to access the menu and shortcuts is very convenient.

When I checked the chart again, the USB-C port only said “65W PD” so I assume it doesn’t support video input via USB-C?

I’m able to get full 5K resolution 60Hz via USB-C to USB-C cable with my MacBook Pro 15" and it also seems to be charging the laptop at the same time. Works quite well so far.

Found a great app called Monitor Control that lets me control the brightness of the 5k display using my keyboard just like a regular Apple Display.

I also remembered I had an old MacBook Pro 15" display in a box and a special driver board to use it as an external monitor. Trying to see if I can attach it to the left side of my 5k display with the MacBook hinges :joy:



Some satisfying DIY. Cool case. :slight_smile:

How’s the scaling quality? For example, if you set 640×480 or 800×600 or 1024×768 (whatever the lowest supported by the scaler) as input resolution, is the resulting image blurry? Could you take a macrophoto? Could you also take a photo of the board menu related to scaling settings, including the list of available scaling modes? Thanks.

I would be fine if the 5K panel only accepted up to 1440p via HDMI as long as the scaler in the display could integer scale that to 5K