Any update on DD?


I already asked in the Update round-up from today but got no answer. So maybe I ask it here:
Will there be some development going on? In the timeline it says that during X-Mas break we like to start phase 4.4.
No problem with postponing but news would be good.

In a selfish sense: Project DD is more important to me than project B…


I agree. We are waiting for an updated on DD. And yes, for me, DD is more important than B.


If I’m not mistaken, the two side projects will go full-speed during Chinese new year.


I hope you are right - as Helios mentioned in another thread.

I would be much more happy if someone official would have answered the question in this thread. I mean not to be selfish but more it belongs in here and not somewhere else (other than the update threads where Konsta constantly forgets to mention project DD).