Any teachers on this forum who want to use their Vs for their lessons?


I’m a teacher from Munich, Germany and since I went all paperless and digital this year, I’m planning on using my V fire my lessons.
I’m my school’s MIB (Medien informations Beauftragter), fancy title for the guy who shows the digital aliens how to use modern devices in thirty classrooms.
Since our Bavarian government had decided that all schools need to get ‘digitalisiert’ (digitalized) meaning we run everything via computers and not overhead projectors anymore. Which is great fun with a staff that thinks listening to mp3s from a mobile via Bluetooth it’s witchcraft.
This Tuesday all the teachers who are working on getting this tech revolution going in their schools will meet up and see how to write a pedagogical justification paper in order to receive some of the funds.
I really hoped to have my V all ready to show off to all those teachers responsible for buying devices for their institutions.
Anybody from this forum going there tomorrow?
Any other teachers who plan to use the V for their lessons?
Thomas Berber.


Hallo Thomas,
I’m a maths teacher looking forward to replace the school laptop with my own Evie.
Once I get my Evie (4/12 flash sale) set up and ready, I am no longer restricted in the software I can install and use. I can’t wait.

I’ll be using:

  • Office365 (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive)
  • Vivaldi browser
  • KeePass password management (I’m in the proces of converting from LastPass)
  • GeoGebra (v5, as v6 is still lacking features)
  • Gravit Designer
  • PDF Shaper
  • TI SmartView (TI’s own TI-84 emulator)
  • CEMU (Open Source alternative TI-84 emulator)
  • MEMU (Android emulator, possibly)
  • Plus various little tools

Currently my lesson preparations are created in Word and projected on screen in PDF.
I think I should convert this into OneNote Classroom.

With the tablet and pen in hand I hope that I will be able to make my lessons more interactive.


It is nice to see the classroom moving forward in the digital age instead of paperback in the yesteryear. I still remember lugging a huge bag to school due to my thick text books and worksheets!


Im a student and i want to use the V and the microsoft pen so i can go completely paperless with Onenote and Google Classroom for 2018… the only issue is that school starts January 30th and my V won’t be shipped until mid February.


Howdy fellow German (I assume),

So we’ve also got office 365 at or school which I’m slowly changing to after 10 years of open office usage.

What advantages does that vivaldi browser have?

And why did you change from last pass? That’s what I’m currently using, might be interesting.

And what’s the pdf shaper program for, writing on pdfs maybe?

And all that TI-84 talk must be about y’alls mathematician’s witchcraft dabblings you’re all too famous for, am I right? Else lemme know if it could be handy for us mere mortals.

Thanks a lot for the input and lots of patience during this waiting time.


Hallo @GerTomB,
This Stephan is Dutch, actually.

Vivaldi browser is a Chromium based browser that is highly configurable and respects your privacy.

I’m moving from LastPass, because I prefer my data to be encrypted by means of public software tools, instead of proprietary code from a commercial company, and I prefer to store my data vault at my own location, instead of the server of a commercial company. (Snag: I’m still using OneDrive)

PDF Shaper is a handy set of tools that help me processing PDF files: splitting, merging, cropping, converting series of images to PDF and more.

GeoGebra and the TI-84 stuff is maths alright. I reccon you take no interest in that.

As to Office365, OneNote and OneNote Classroom, I can offer you an interesting tip: Teams.
Some 5 months ago I received a training on OneNote Classroom that made me all enthusiastic about using these tools in Eductaion. Last Friday the same trainer gave us another workshop on Teams and I came to the conclusion that it’s much easier to start using Teams with you pupils or colleagues. Advanced use of OneNote (Classroom) can follow at a later stage. I checked this thought with the trainer and he confrmed that a teacher or school new to working with OneNote (Classroom) would best start with Teams. (Teams is pretty young, so he was not able to give this advace earlier on.)
In general check Microsoft Bildung (DE) or Microsoft Education (EN)


Hallo my Dutch friend,
wow, that you very much for those tips and insights.
Well look into the Microsoft teams option and the pdf tool.


We use Teams at work, and all i have to say it’s crap. It is so much behind for example Slack in every possible way that I hate it.

If you want something that is efficient, i would recommend Slack


Wait a second, I use slack, but I my bids introduced it to us - and thus that’s the only way I use it - as a WhatsApp for business people…
Does it have other functions? W might have to watch some courses on it. Can you recommend any?


Not sure about courses, there might be some somewhere.

Where Slack excels is the channels and integration support. Its more inuitive than MS Teams. It’s also much more “configurable” considering notifications etc etc.


Hallo Thomas,
ich bin Lehrer in Germering und wir sind gerade dabei intern in der Schule eine Konzept auf die Beine zustellen um die ersten Gehversuche zu machen im Bereich Tabletklassen. Einige Kollegen benutzen bereits ein Surface im Unterricht bei uns aber ein einheitlichen Weg haben wir noch nicht gefunden.




Ich war gerade bei euch zu Besuch, zwecks den digitalen Bayern Tagen.
Wollte schauen ob das V für den Schuleinsatz tauglich ist.
Bist Du wenn Indiegogo Unterstützer oder wartest Du wie ich auf die Lieferung von einen Flash Sale?


Its a shame google classroom doesn’t support realtime writing white board feature… something along the lines of the multi users interations in office 365


Hi, bin Indiegogo Unterstützer Limided Bird, aber habe meine V m3 auf
ein TB upgegraded und die Produktion ist erst letzte Woche fertig
geworden. Müsste also in hoffentlich spätestens zwei Wochen da sein.

Freue mich auch schon drauf es im Unterricht zu benutzen. Bis jetzt
nutzte ich meinen Laptop immer im W/R. Aber das Tablett kann ich dann
auch endlich im Sportunterricht nutzen um Einzelanalysen zu machen oder
Zeitlupenaufnahmen von Techniken zeigen.

Freue mich schon :slight_smile:




Please keep your public posts in English. If you want to discuss in any other language, feel free to do so in messages, but your public posts should be in English


Sorry about that, will do from now on.


Google classroom is only good for posting resources (worksheets, questions and a way to catch up on missed lessons) a place where it is easy to access. However… other google services such as docs and slides all suck.

Office 365 is great for real time collaborative inking (pen imputs) to complete group and individuals task.
I believe instilling the skill of handwriting into children is very important to us the generation that will sucees you.

I say this because my HSC (big standardised test that determins what university and courses i am illegable for) is all hand written.

Raymond (student)