Any news about Model 2?

Hello developers!
I’d like to know what’s up with Model 1 and Model 2? Are there any photos? I know that the Model 1 should be released later, but the Model 2 should be released almost at the same time as the Model 3, and there are no live photos or videos with it yet. Will this affect the delivery time?


Model 2 and model 3 are basically the same and their flagship is model 3 so I think that’s why we’re not seeing model 2 appearing. They have the same design. Model 2 will ship a little bit later than 3 because their priority is 3, but I’d guess that even the firmware is basically the same. For model 1 however, I’m unsure, we didn’t hear about it in a long time so heh, who knows


That’s the question. As I understand it, the main unfinished component of the monitor is the firmware. And if there are so many problems with it now (according to early reviews), will there be such problems when installing another panel?


Almost all development for the 4K model will carry over to model 2, so right now we’re focusing on that one. Since the issues will be fixed in the firmware for model 3, they shouldn’t show up again when applying it to model 2.