Any new Muse Updates?

It seems the last update on the project was from March 19th? I understand that the team is probably swarmed by the new V development and the upcoming launch of spectrum. I’m curious about if the project is still in the roaster for development?
Sorry if this was answered elsewhere already.

Hi, @Icirian!

Our team is focussing on Project: Spectrum and Project: V. At the moment, these two sizable projects are enough to occupy all of our resources.


Not to want to pour cold water over this project, but if you look out there, the competition is fierce, especially with the new Sir Pod Max from Apple. I might be interested if you can do Dolby Atmos, and THX (like Panda).

This project was apparently abandoned, or at least put on hold indefinitely. It looked to me like the Drop + Panda is the closest to what I was originally hoping for from this project:

I don’t know if this has affected the market, but I had mainly planned to use those headphones for travel and the office, and being able to work from home in my own home office (and not travelling) means I haven’t needed anything like that. This will hopefully change by this fall.

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I hope they can come back to Muse when Eve is less busy. Of the three projects they discussed, this is the one that really interests me.

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