Any chance of top-level Linux category under "Support"



I know there are some scattered linux references, and comments here and there. Especially in TechTalk. But is there any chance we could create a Software/Linux category in the Community->Support area, in parallel with this existing Software and Windows 10 category?

I know there is no official support, but this is for community support, right? And there are likely to be a number of us that want to look for help, and/or provide help. Seems like a top-level category may be helpful.

@Team – what do you think?

Linux Experiences on the V

I would not be opposed to this, but I would have to see the activity being there first. If we see enough activity around Linux we could create a category for it, but I wouldn’t create it before seeing that activity. For now #products:v-general-discussion is probably the best place to keep these discussions, but if there are enough we can create a category and move them into it.


I would totally be up for it…


FYI – we did start another topic here:Linux Experiences on V and there is a Wiki with useful into at: Linux Wiki