Another happy Customer


Hello Eve Community!

It’s been a few days with my M3 V from December Flash Sale. I’m ready for a verdict.

In short: brilliant.
In long: this device is brilliant.



I’ve never been much of a Mac guy. Windows is preferred.
Never been much of a laptop guy either. Tower PCs are preferred.
This is the first time I’m using a laptop-esque device in a 2-in-1 form factor. Feels good man.

Eve Tech stood out to me the moment I found out about it. Placed my order as soon as I could on December flash sale. Been waiting ever since end of may. A full 6 months wait. Approx. 176 days. But who’s counting, right?

It was frustrating. But never worth to cancel the order. Communication was … meh. But Eve Tech is new in the business. Let’s forgive (but not forget).

Friends and family weren’t kind when they heard me talking about this order I placed on some exotic device. Told me it’d never arrive and as time passed they thought it only proofed their point. Welp, they made big eyes when I showed up with this beauty. Mom is thinking about ordering one for herself now.



I’m typing this on my terrace in broad daylight and the display can hold up. Listening to music via headphones, too. Nice. Tried the speaker: what do you guys have? They’re fine. No Bose© Deluxe but absolutely fine. Gosh.

Keyboard: Not what I expected. A bit weird at the beginning but you get used to it fast. Nice soft feeling. High quality keys. Funky keys, too (“v”, “oops”). Muy gusta. Bluetooth: nice. RGB: nice, bit dim but excellent in low-light conditions. Functionality [top row F-keys]: well chosen

Port selection: muy bien. Suck that @[allCompetingDevicesOnTheMarket]. Honestly: wtf are manufacturers thinking??? My Mac-buddy uses 2 different dongles for his inferior machine.

Performance: 7th gen M3 core. Looks pretty bad, eh?

Nope. Very good choice. I’m doing typing, office, browsing the web, play music, stream. Core does the job.
Boots in 7 seconds. Loads programs within 1-2 seconds. Enough RAM for days. Enough storage for days [I’m used to store data offline so external hard drives are my thing]. 128GB Excellent.

Why would you buy this device exactly if you need a performance machine? That’s not the point of the V. Sure, it has a Thunderbolt port for those juicy eGPUs but I won’t be using it. If I need (rendering) power, I use my PC that has been designed to specifically do just that. Jeez don’t hit on the V just because it doesn’t have a GTX1080ti i7 8XXX-K built in. That’s not the point.


Kick-stand: sturdy

Battery: holds up for my workload for around 9 1/2 hours.

Dbrand: (optional) fantastic. I’m so glad Dbrand has Eve Skins in stock. Looks marvelous.




Worth every penny. Worth the wait. Worth the experience.

10/10 would buy again.

A word to Eve Tech

Eve Tech: you made a beautiful device. You delivered. You amazed.
I’d be more than happy to be a customer again, perhaps a V2 in the future. But please - scratch the wait time.


Yes but was it worth inadvertently being the author of the most autoclosed thread on the forum?


Great review, enjoy your new device :grinning:

I hope I can write my own review soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice review! Please post a picture of your V with new skin?
Just curious which one


I believe he said it was worth it at least 1 or 24 times? Sooooo…


Agreed. I have the M3, December flash sale buyer like you.

It’s been perfect for my usage, never had a time where I’ve thought I need something that has higher performance.

But I’m not a gamer or someone who does that many high intensive processes on my PC so I guess mileage may vary. Crawling websites probably the only time I’m using a lot of RAM but Eve has done that fine when I’ve needed it.


You get 4.5 stars out of 5 for the memes alone :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Could you post a pic of your V with Dbrand skin?



Hello again, Eve Community.

You want pictures?
You shall have pictures.


Two weeks with the V

Still using it every day.
Battery holds up a full day (9h of work) as expected.
The screen continues to flatter my eyes.
Dbrand looks phenomenal.
Keyboard is so amiable to type on.

I can tell that people who pass me are taking a closer peek at my V if they think I’m not looking.

Odd things that have happened so far:

  • Browser froze for a full minute before returning to normal (because reasons?) twice during standard usage (10 tabs open, very few background processes) on two occasions
  • Upon initial login with Windows (type-password) after boot sequence, the device does not display the selected image for the lock-screen
  • Alt + F4 works without hitting the FN key (if it’s a bug then it’s in the right place which means it’s a feature)

Second verdict

Still marvelous.


That’s the way it’s supposed to be. I like it that way.


This used to happen when I first got my V - can’t recall the last time it happened now though.

This feature is a bug that’s working as intended.


Hi everyone!
I will not start a new topic, as this one make the job perfectly. I’ve now used my V for 4 days, not intensive use, just the same than with my old laptop, and what can I say else than it’s soooo great!
Actually, everything is easier with the V. The screen is amazing! sounds feels great too. I’m still getting used to the touch pad, but really, I think the V will change my way of working.
On the bad point (yes there are a few), I had some bad bluetooth connection with the keyboard, but nothing worrying, and I have to check the battery drain while sleeping.
I was also planning to get a Dbrand skin or to make my own, but I find it so neat, that I will probably keep it naked for the moment.
I’ll keep you update :slight_smile:


To be honest, I was a bit wowed about these little Spanish appearances. But try to correct “muy gusta”!
You have done a great review (I would have said the same), and memes were just amazing.


Hi Zebos! Glad to see your liking the V :blush: To resolve bluetooth issues, you can contact our support but I’d verify first whether you are having those issues in circumstances with a lot of wireless signals. Bluetooth signals can get interfered by other bluetooth devices transmitting their own signals, as well as sometimes by WiFi


i also had that problem a few months ago with firefox on my i7 V running max battery saving profile. switched to edge, it runs smoother. issue is now fixed on the FF but edge is still my preferred browser because of the much lower power consumption.