Another flash sale?


Maybe I don’t get something but I’ve just received another email saying that another flash sale is ON with March delivery. You’ve just told that our December 4 flash sale is rescheduled for March at least, so that next Feb/Mar would be reschedule even further …and how this one is March again if it would be like 3rd flash sale?

Total underestimate of timing…


After the last LB shipment I think there is no problem to send different flash sale at the same moment, maybe it’s just a matter of number and ordering n components or n+1 is not such a difference… Just supposing… But the production line should finally work at full speed this time.


Well the thing is we don’t really know if they have managed to improve the construction speed etc etc which would allow them to produce more Vs in the same time - so they can send them also in March.


Sorry, but I would disagree over here. It’s about the approach used over here. Remember when people told its the shop, not a start up or something anymore. A lot of people already waiting for the devices from 2 sales. What’s the point of making 3rd one without sending at least 1st flash sale order out for delivery? They will just make more people like us waiting for months which will lead to negative attitude of a crowd in general.


As far as I know, this is not another flash sale. The V is simply on sale openly now, so you can go buy it like any other computer (well it’s not like just any other computer, but you get my point) instead of having to worry about missing flash sales.


Wasn’t that you who said that EVE/Emdor cannot produce more V’s per hour?


No, I said they can’t produce a V per 15seconds. Nobody probably knows the real limit what they could produce in a day.


Sure, they need to produce more V’s in 15 s if they want to keep their promises.


Does that mean that I could have waited to order until now and still have the same delivery date? Got one on 4th Dec flash sale.


Was the calibration of displays only for birds or will it be done for all flash sales and regular sale buyers thereafter?

Just curious as this would slow down the process.


I think it’s been taken into account for all units in the build process


I am not that good in sale strategies but
There is for example a company in Germany selling worker clothings and tools. If you order as a private person one or two shirts there are more expensive, as if you order 100 or more for a complete company.

I can emagine that’s the same for the supplier. If eve order 2000 or 5000 for example housing that might be a different for the housing factory. Priority and price.

So there are more flash sales. If a supplier chain is working with delivery and building keep it working.

I think flash sale producing shipping - flash sale producing shipping is in my opinion the wrong way. The only problem at the moment that makes it a bit difficult seems to be cny.


In my Information there was a flashsale on beginning of dec and around mid of dec. and there was a preordersale in january. Now yesterday or so there was another sale… let me Count… 4 sales at the Moment and all of them seems to be estimated date in march… some Kind of crazy… but maybe the sales are not so big like the others, but a bit confusing that they Need 3 weeks until now for every sale…


Maybe there have been enough refund requests from flash sale buyers who didn’t expect to wait longer than a month. That will mean a part of the new batch has already been produced or is ready for production. That way you can accept more orders.
On the other hand I’ve heard that EVE wanted to stop with the flash sales from now on, maybe the first flash sale was a test to tweek the production line for higher quantities.