Android / Remix OS


Has anyone tried to install Remix OS on the Eve V?


People don’t even have their prototype devices yet so I’ll have to guess “No” :stuck_out_tongue:


It doesn’t really make sense right now, as the current stable is since Nov. as they are preparing a major release to couple with smartphone OS, that will probably come after the V’s are sent. Despite that, the most important factor to consider is the virt. extensions requirement, which the current cpus support anyway. So, if the V boots the linux kernel, it will run remix as well. :slight_smile:


Booting is not enough :slight_smile: We need to test network, bluetooth, touchscreen, pen and so on. I will try to do that when I get my prototype. I should receive it tomorrow, but this is not my top priority so I’ll just say sometime next week :smile:


Its very simple actually. If the kernel boots, all the network, bluetooth and hardware IO, start, go through and end literally from it, so, if it boots, is just ok. Now, userland support is another story. Just… , the current LTS of ubuntu, does not have a kaby supporting kernel, therefore try to go for one of the latest (4.8+) versions to be ok. Or even Gentoo, if living on the edge. :smirk:


If it boots, it’s not OK since you don’t know if the drivers actually work. It can boot without network, without touch and you will say “it boots”, but that is obviously not the kind of result we want…


That’s when you start building your own drivers and stuff - that’s the fun part of it all!


Maybe to you, masochist :smile:
But you still need to know what works and what needs to be done, before you start doing anything :wink: So we still need to test what works :slight_smile:


To me it doesn’t matter if NOTHING works out of the box because that’s where the fun starts; figuring out how to make things work - that’s how you learn :slight_smile:


Do you think the same way for phones, fridges, washing machines, TVs, cars, … ?


I’m not a developer or engineer that works with any of those devices, computers however are both my hobby and part time work hence I find it interesting when nothing works so I can find ways to make them work and then share that with other people.


I spend my entire day at work fixing computers. When I get home to my own gear, it’d better work 'cause I do not want to have to deal with it not working as intended…


Then you’re the guy I try to google! :smiley: thanks for that :slight_smile:


Which drivers? I’m up for that.



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Then be the madness.
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Hello @pauliunas have you had the time to test it with Remix OS?


Well, I tried to boot a version and it just kept spinning… That was a modified version though, I’ll try another one :slight_smile:

I know its asked but could not find. REMIX OS

Thanks for the feedback.