An eve desktop pc


Unless the idea is very good and unique in some way, I don’t see much benefit in a desktop.

An AIO maybe… but the profit margins I would expect to be quite low, the device itself expensive and the sales volumes not as high (the desktop market has been stagnating for a long time).

A “normal” desktop computer definitely a bad idea: plenty of offer on the market and people competent enough to find out good offers are also likely competent enough to assemble or modify one on their own.

It could make sense something not targeted at the consumer market but, rather, at professionals and businesses. To companies, an AIO makes more sense and the right combination of components can make all the difference in terms of serviceability and lifespan.
To this regard, should Eve desire to pursue this path, I would actually suggest to start asking directly to professionals and influencers. For example I would expect LinusTechTips to be able to provide a very good “wishlist” for such product, considering their needs. If questions cannnot be asked directly, looking at some of their reviews of similar products and taking note of the good/bad points of the various products could be a very good starting point.

if you want to see some AIO that are not crap on the PC side look at these to

and tihs one i dont even now where to start please must look


Yeah so something like that but the design elements on those aren’t perfect. For example origin gives you the easy attachable webcam which is great but then no liquid cooled CPU.

I’d also like to see a model that has an amazing hinge that can then go down like the surface studio for writing in it. Or even making a touch screen optional and the other option is a hinge that will easily allow the user to make the screen vertical. Possibly even a button instead of having the user do it manually.

Can we please not have threads like this. Eve is like a teenager without experience in a world where you can get squashed like a bug. The sole focus should be on increasing production of the V as quickly as possible while maintaining quality.

Can we start a thread on innovative ways for Eve to cut lead times, speed up production, and ways to increase sales massively without having the need for a physical presence in stores? This is what EVE needs to ensure its survival.


The entire category is about what next for Eve.


Threads like these are the raison d’être of the #development:whats-next category.

There are no ways of cutting lead times or speeding up production that we are not already applying where possible. The Eve team is working hard to make sure the V ships as soon as possible, and is as big a success as it can be.

The Eve community in the meantime, is thinking up things that could be the next project. This takes up none of Eve’s resources that would otherwise be applied to production, shipping or marketing of the V. A passionate, creative community with ideas and opinions, and the willingness to share those ideas and work to make them a reality is the core of what we do at Eve. It is exactly what Eve needs to ensure its survival.


But you can just build your own and get “good features” by your definition. When you buy a pre-built desktop, there will always be compromises because different people want different things.

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That echoes my opinion as well. A desktop PC only makes sense if it’s something that the consumer couldn’t put together for themselves out of parts. About the only thing I can see there would be in the SFF field, and that’s where we’d see the most compromises.

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That’s not considered spamming, right?

That would be the surface studio competition that was mentioned elsewhere xD

The more I look at these, the more I think this is the perfect market for Eve. Similar position to the V I think, there are options out there but none of them are perfect and all have insane markups plus compromises.

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I’ve been doing some research on this and it seems in the AIO category there are only really two providers for the chassis and they both use the same Samsung screen.

Both also have a 450W PSU and I’m not sure if you can change that. So I can really see a space for Eve in this market, in particular if the community can come up with some cool hinge designs and even maybe making it easier to swap parts in and out.

Edit: Maybe to make the market appeal larger we could even not have a GPU in the main unit, but Eve could make an eGPU case the can then be added on.


Yea this would be kick ass please do this

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The problem with AIO is that the life cycle of a high end monitor is at least twice as long as that of all other components (motherboard, cpu, etc). So, I think that a modular system, comprising a 2in1 or micro-pc, an eGPU, a NAS or TB3 disc array, and a touchscreen/pen enabled monitor would make better sense.

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Or a completely modular AIO. The only real problem would be the processor :confused:

Personally NO! The potential is see in eve is more than just jumping into a market where they take over the diy part of building a pc. There are millions of combination custom pc’s. Eve is more than this, i see eve as a company which brings cheap, good quality impossible diy products to the mass market. Stuff like; have you ever seen something online about a diy custom windows tablet? No! What eve should to is to bring cheap, good quality AR product to the mass market. Eve is a company where i see them bringing expensive things such as the microsoft hollolense to us, you and me. Eve should actually make history and start with a community developed AR device wich will be far superior than tve hollolense. It would be like a big fuck you to Microsoft for charging $3000 for one headset where eve is proving it for about $1000. For eve to succeed it need to develop its own querkyness, “community developed products” for evry cool thing they make. Basically what im saying is eve is worth more than just making desktop pc’s.

There is no chance for a company like eve to get a standard like HoloLens in AR. Inventing the components of HoloLens was only possible for a company like MS with billions of $$$… They even stuck in process now with the HoloLens because they can’t get lenses for a better field of vision which are one of the most expensive parts of HoloLens:


I do believe that a lot of people here build their own setups… Yet, an Eve case (preferably ITX) would be cool.

But that’s exactly why what I linked is the ideal solution. It’s an AIO monitor but it takes full sized pc parts in it. And you can change and upgrade them as need be.

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I asked myself why there are no pc like the old stereo systems… CD-Player, Amplifier, Receiver, Cassette Deck… This could be a completely new form factor. Maybe even all components in flat housings to make them transportable. Or does anybody knows about something like that?

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