An eve desktop pc


But that’s exactly why what I linked is the ideal solution. It’s an AIO monitor but it takes full sized pc parts in it. And you can change and upgrade them as need be.


I asked myself why there are no pc like the old stereo systems… CD-Player, Amplifier, Receiver, Cassette Deck… This could be a completely new form factor. Maybe even all components in flat housings to make them transportable. Or does anybody knows about something like that?


I might have something like that in the works :wink:


Kool about having something in works


I think the modular dock concept lends itself to opening the door for a great Eve made miniPC…which I believe is what @Attiq is referring to. Why make 2 completely separate products when we can make a platform that can provide multiple solutions?



This was the broad concept, which includes a mini PC type.

This was the more refined concept for Donald Dock. The mini pc and other types are still possible as future options in the refined design.


don’t understand why Bluetooth isn’t integrated in a lot of windows pc’s, it’s useful.


Maybe it’s useful to you, but it’s totally useless to me. Poll?


Vote for Bluetooth. So you can use the V’s keyboard with the PC!!!


Bluetooth for sure. Wireless keyboard, play music thru Bluetooth speakers/headphones, transfer files quickly to/from a device that’s not on your home network, etc.


I’d say it’s always a plus. But it’s a must on mobile devices while it’s close to useless on a desktop for me. I don’t want to charge my keyboard or mouse that I use with my desktop so I’ll go wired.
I have proper speakers connected to my desktop so I don’t need or want to use Bluetooth speakers with it. I have a cable for basically any device I might want to connect sticking out of my desktop so I don’t want to use Bluetooth for file transfer either.
Using the V keyboard from the couch or bed would be a great addition though. I’ve thought of it but didn’t think about that requiring Bluetooth on my desktop yet. I’ll have to rethink this.


And as more devices go wireless (like headsets), it’s just going to be even more useful.


Here you go.
Is Bluetooth useful in a PC/Aio?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Better have it included than not since cheap af.
  • Better have it not included and save a dollar or two.

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Most modern WiFi modules have BT integrated anyway, like the Intel 7260 and 8260. Would be stupid to disable the BT functionality for no reason. Its not like in the past where youd need separate modules for each, and they always interfered with each other.


So now you want WiFi too? I think it’s a pretty niche need for a desktop… Or maybe it matters more in areas with slow internet, dunno…


Some people don’t like putting a lan cable through the complete length of their house. I have one to my desktop but I understand the need for it.


exactly. I live in a 90 year old house. Until I redid the wiring in the basement I had to run a really long cable to my office (spare bedroom) which was a hazard. I could have drilled a hole in the side of my house and run a line in from outside, but I didn’t want to do that as I knew eventually I’d do it properly. 10 years later I did. lol.


Well, I wouldn’t live with WiFi because it would limit my Gigabit to 50Mbps or so… (I know, first world problems…)


Does this make the US (except for a few select areas) not first world? Maybe there’s a “zeroth” world?

About BT or WiFi in a desktop/AiO, I think it depends. On regular desktops, it’s easy enough to open it up and stick a wifi card in the PCIe slot, so I don’t think it’s necessary. It can be a nice feature, and that’s why high end motherboards usually come with optional antennas, but it’s not necessary in a traditional desktop. In AiOs, it’s difficult to open, and the components/modularity are rather restricted, so it’s smarter for those to already have WiFi/BT capabilities.


Maybe you don’t know the joke… I guess I’ll just leave it at that…