An amazing Eve Phone


fingerprint on the back = baaaaaaaad.
Put it on the front or on the power button.
I want to be able to unlock my phone using fingerprint when it is laying on a desk.


What about fingerprint scanner under the screen? Maybe we can use the same technology as Vizio is currently using.


It seems there may now be a new player to beat on this front, if anyone is still interested in such a project.


REally don’t understand these “Android gaming phones”. The only real gaming device in mobile phone space at the moment is the iPhone.

And the real sole reason for it is that iOS gets all the games first (like the Altos series, which still doesn’t have part 2 (altos odyssey) for Android available etc).

Also there is no single game for Android that actually could benefit from these “overclocked Snapdrong chips”. This will continue as long as developers treat Android like a second class citizen.