An amazing Eve Phone


I’m sure you’re aware of some other ethical-friendly products. Maybe like Tony Chocolonely, or other slave-free products.
The difficulty is, the assembly (from basic resources to end product) is divided by so many companies. The materials used in a component are bought from several different companies, which also have their materials from several different companies. At a certain level it’s close to impossible to actually have a slave free product. I’m not saying Eve shouldn’t try, just don’t get your hopes up to get a 100% slave-free product. Frankly, that doesn’t exist.


I’ll give some feedback on the revised specs.

  • OS: Android with latest version - Or iOS but that won’t happen :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Processor: latest top-tier Snapdragon; Exynos top-of-the-line; - I agree this is a marketing thing now. Well maybe the next snapdragon 8xx is that good. Or battery efficient
  • Dual Sim capability (independent or not of the micro SD card) - For certain markets this is a real plus. I don’t mind the independent of SD card though.
  • Micro SD card (depending on the internal storage) up to 2TB with, if supported, adoptable storage. - Why? Am I that spoiled with service area? If I want something I stream it. The only files I have on my phone are the actual apps and the photo’s I shoot (which will be backed up in a cloud asap). I use spotify for music, youtube/netflix for video, need internet for news content anyway. Is it me or is expandable storage a thing of the past.
  • Water and Dust proof; maybe certified MIL-STD-810 - Certainly nice to have.
  • Great Front and Rear cameras with triple led flash for more natural exposures and OIS for the rear one; physical camera button on the right side is a must-have. The rear can have dual cameras. - more led is not more natural! It’s still one focus light. It won’t give more natural light when the flash is being used. You’ll need more light sources from different positions for more natural light. The whole idea behind the dual-led is a different color-filter that makes the colors a little less white, which barely works by the way. 3 leds won’t solve any problem. Front-facing flash is a thing that might be good though.
    I’m passionately against a dedicated camera button. If it’s to launch the camera, get another shortcut. If it’s to trigger the shutter. Just don’t. Never do that. Maybe reprogram the volume button to do so, but for the love of photography, don’t use a physical button that MOVES the camera while it shuts!
  • Removable back/battery - Again, why? If a professional can replace the battery within a decent amount of time (let’s say 15 minutes) with appropriate hardware, it’s good enough.
  • Wireless Charging - unless it compromises other functionality, it’s a nice feature to have
  • Quick Charging
  • NFC
  • Latest Bluetooth spec - I believe the above three are build into the SoC (snapdragon/enoxys). So we won’t have any choice in that matter.
  • USB-C (supporting audio out) - full USB (3.1) - Ehh, sure. So long it has USB-C connection I’m game.
  • 3.5mm audio connector - Sure, I won’t use it but go ahead.
  • Iris scanning/fingerprint scanning (on the back) - Not so sure about this (fingerprint). If this is used I can’t unlock my phone without picking it up. Granted, I’ve never had a device with fingerprint on the back. I think it’s said most likely because of the bezelless front but I’m not entirely convinced. I would prefer facial scanning over iris scanning, if my assumption about proximity is correct.
  • Internal storage - 32GB/64GB/128GB - Skip the 32GB, add 256GB. 128GB should only be used to promote sales toward the 258GB version. Maybe even add a 512GB version if that’s possible. But definitely skip the 32GB.
  • High-fidelity recording - what? If a device has this, it’s bs marketing. You need to control the entire environment and have the physical space for the equipment. Sure it’s something to aspire, not something to achieve.
  • 4GB/8GB RAM (would be nice!) - Sure
  • Fantastic 5.0’’/5.5’’ Display with slim bezels! (FHD, QHD maximum - there’s no substantial gain with the increased number of pixels and it takes a powerful toll on your phone’s performance and battery) - OLED? Transreflective? PSR? IGZO?Other? - I prefer OLED because of colors. The color shifting isn’t really an issue and burn-in can be prevented with software. But honestly, if the color are good, I’m game.
  • QWERTY physical keyboard (like Blackberry ones) - No.
  • 3D touch - Why? Most users don’t know it even exists. It also holds very little value over long-pressing.
  • Security features - Like…?
  • Enterprise features - Like…?
  • Wacom Stylus - but… why? Eve pen I get, if it doesn’t increase the costs. But why an wacom pen?
  • Compatible with the Eve V dock - All phones should be compatible with the dock if possible
  • 4000mAh battery - I would prefer an all-day battery. Numbers don’t mean everything
  • Great audio components (DAC, Dual Front Facing Speakers…) - This is something I would like, but I’m not convinced for front-facing speakers. I owned two HTC One phones which both had the front-facing speakers. The most important part of those speakers is that they don’t get covered up by your hands. Which introduces bezels. If you give it a small speaker grill, you’ll cover it up. So placement is important, but not in the way we might expect (maybe a speaker in every corner?)
  • No Bloatware - For so far it’s possible… damn carriers
    *Headphone jack. I’ve not yet decided if it is a must-have or almost that. If we could have a reliable adapter from USB C to USB C and Headphone jack it would be enough. - From USB-C to USB-C? :stuck_out_tongue: I wouldn’t care about a headphone jack though.


Everything you have said is accurate! Speakers in every corner is something I have already thought about, but would likely be difficult to manufacture/raise costs or wood still contradict the idea of. I think Mi Mix outputs sound by vibrating the screen, but would be uncomfortable at high volume, I can imagine, or not function as well.

However… it would be cool to see in a phone; it would be one of the first phones with 4 stereo speakers!

PS: the speakers could go on the front-facing half of the curved corners of the phone


imho a certain stability and resistance against damages through falling are vital to a good phone allthough that pretty much vontradicts a bezel-less design (and is one more reason for me to favor smaller displays).
the phone is the electronic device I drop onto a hard surface most often by far - so physical stability is vital once the price exceeds € 150. I wouldn’t want an expensive phone that breaks when I’m trying to take it and press the snooze button while still half asleep.


Because phones are so vulnerable to damage by dropping cases are introduced, loads of people already use cases on every phone. Having a case on a nearly-bezelless phone doesn’t seem that much of a jump. I have a bumper over my iPhone X, and I’ve never used a case before.
Even though it’s mainly because of the insane price for repair.


to be honest, from my point of view a phone that requires a case in everyday’s use is a faulty design in the first place… so you’d buy an extra thing to sort out the design flaws of the other one? why not have a proper construction for the phone itself in the first place? :thinking:


I haven’t had a phone yet that can survive my everyday use without a case. Maybe a ruggedized phone could handle it but I haven’t seen one of those with specs that can support my everyday use yet. If Eve did make a phone I’m sure it wouldn’t be ruggedized. I think it would make sense to developed a case that is included with the phone…just like the keyboard is with the V.


Maybe you’ve used the wrong phones so far. Not every stable phone necessarily needs to have a rugged concept - am quite happy with my Lumia 532 that just won’t break no matter where I drop it (apart from a few cracks in the easily replacable plastic cover). Same for my old Sony Ericsson T650i back in the days - that’s a phone with a rather premium exterior, yet it just wouldn’t break, except you’d expect miracles to happen. :wink:

In my experience, manufacturers of ruggedized phones may find excuses like “it’s rugged, so had you really dropped it out of only 1 m it wouldn’t have the crack” in warranty cases and many of them get weirdly bulky.
I wouldn’t exactly expect a really really rugged phone. - After all, I want a phone, not a tank. :sweat_smile: But a few design elements (such as a solid plastic frame around the display) can greatly reduce the necessity of having a heart attack each time you accidentally drop the phone. It’s mostly about the right balance of price and stability. :slight_smile:


I can’t help but to agree with those who mention that there are too many devices in the phone market. I just picked up an LG V30 which satisfies the majority of the desires noted here and I really enjoy the DAC for the headphone jack. Eve should focus resources elsewhere.


Isn’t it more easier to make a powerful camera which can be folded so that it can serve as a back and front camera ?


Fold is moving is more likely to break, more expensive and more engineering


My carrier has never had Lumias available…I would have gotten one for sure. The plastic cover is something I hadn’t ever considered. That makes sense as way to help prevent screen cracking in the event of a drop where the corner of the phone impacts first. I guess it just takes putting priority on certain design factors that seem to always get pushed aside by aesthetics.


@TristanSchaaf I can totally get your point but … yes there is always a but… do you know the cotton industry ? Same problem … but you have a great example that you can look into if you have some time to spare to educate yourself about the basket company Veja .


I known it first because of clothing/fashion industry. I know a lot of bachelor students in that subject. I know that Tony chocolony went public on it.


I would like to revive a project with your cooperation that didn’t receive enough money on the crowdfunding:


Then you know that veja, à French company have succeeded to cut off all the middle men and know which cotton they use and how it has been produce exactly.
Something that have been described as impossible for years, has been demonstrated as possible. And it was not a big company either


I think a feasibility study should be made on this case as there are some long term advantages, please rethink about this option @Team


For your case problem, we can imagine 8 add ins fusionned with the unibody case or modular case even if you choose a modular phone, with a little mechanism that could absorb enough energy to be even accepted by the military grade standards…


I haven’t had a phone provided by a carrier for quite some time… By now, in my country it is often cheaper to buy the phone separately on balance. Plus there’s the advantage of the device being unlocked which has proved quite useful when travelling. :wink:

I feel I need to add something here because I didn’t properly explain so in my previous few posts here:
The thing is, good aesthetics are of no use if they compromise stability to an extent that the device will not be used without a case. - There’s little point in a nice (and eg. thermally conducting, as discussed in V / sleeve development) surface if I need to hide it under some sort of case… For example, as much as I hate the OS, I really like the look and feel of my company iPhone SE’s hardware - as long as it isn’t hidden beneath the ugly bulky protective case… :wink:


There are micro usb headphones

Z:ero Digital Earphone - Gold