An amazing Eve Phone


The power button is the fingerprint sensor on the back, the big centered circle. Most Android phones do this I believe, and it is a must; I don’t like a power button on the side or top of a phone.


I don’t think so. I guessed this was what you were thinking, but most Android phones still have a separate power button. It can be more comfortable, but what if you’re going to pay? Won’t you instead turn off phone. And even with general usage, won’t you accidentally touch the fingerprint sensor as it is ergonomically positioned?

Edit: Of course we can use gestures instead?


To turn off your phone, you have to press and hold the power button. A tap (no force, just resting your finger on the sensor) won’t lock/power off your device. Flagship phones have it on the back at least, maybe not most. Mine does, and I love it. Are those your biggest worries? If not I can try to address them, but believe me when its not a problem in the least to have it on the back. (there are those who complain that you have to pick up your phone to turn it on, to which I would respond with a feature called “tap to wake”)

Edit: I forgot about having gestures on the sensor! It’s not on my phone, but it would be really useful to have.


Everything you said is good. I think this would definitely be more convenient!


Too much of a gimmick. I would not want to have a camera as such; it also doesn’t solve any problems for engineers, and I’m guessing the camera is wirelessly connected to phone, hence lag.


There are if none phone with a 20 mp cameras as a selfie camera


You need to look at some aftermarket solutions for existing phones. There are a LOT of gadgets that enhances (or even replaces) the default camera setup. From different lenses with battery cases to entire replacements for the camera and sensor itself where the phone is used as a viewfinder.


How is “no camera bump” a usp? If anything it’s a downside (granted the camera isn’t located in the corner, which it hopefully isn’t).


Less of a camera bump is what I actually should have said. For instance, the iPhone X has a controversial bump where some people say it wobbles too much when on the table. But if you think it should be located in the center, then it doesn’t matter at all. I just thought it may be a cleaner design :persevere:.


Well it’s either a hump or really.much more thicker device.

Formexample.iPhone X has OIS on both lenses so there needs to be bump ornthey would need to a lot thicker


Hey!! I made a complete revamp of this thread. Please see the first post for more!! :smiley:


While I admire your passion, it seems like you just picked every flagship feature that has come out in the last two years, save for maybe squeezable sides. A device like that would be extremely expensive. V is great device because it makes the right compromises (for a device of it’s form factor) and chose the right USPs. A couple thoughts on how I’d modify your proposal (just my two cents):

Software: I agree, all in favor of a stock, latest version of Android, save for maybe some added camera processing software if it would improve image quality, but the user should never see that anyway. No need to include software for haptic keyboard feedback as I believe this can be enabled in android settings. Also I thought you wanted a physical keyboard?

Connectivity: Good with the latest Bluetooth spec, NFC, and I think quick charging is a no brainier awesome feature. But TBH, I’m fine with giving up wireless charging and Dual Sim; I’d doubt I’d ever use them.

Ports: Yup, USB C and a headphone jack are the way to go. If we put enough storage in it (64GB+, maybe 32GB) I don’t think I’d need a SD-card slot. On the other hand, if it’s significantly cheaper to put in less and add a slot it’d probably be worth it.

Internals: I’d actually prefer Eve go with a slightly slower processor and lower the price. Let’s face it, most mid-tier phones run totally fine for like 95% of things you might want to do. Also, 8GB of RAM seems like way overkill for a phone, I’d say 4 is fine. I noticed you didn’t mention battery capacity but I think it goes without saying the community would want the biggest one possible allowed by our design choices.

Camera Don’t know that triple led flash makes a difference compared to dual, but if it does and it’s cheap sure. I don’t need dual cameras on the back, I just need one that takes really awesome photos. OIS is a good idea. Would it be good enough simply to reprogram an existing button like volume down to take photos in the camera app?

Features: I’m totally with you on the dust/waterproofing of the device. I’m not sure if having a removable back/battery would limit the effectiveness of this. If it would, I’d prefer the dust/waterproofing but if not throw them both in. Fingerprint sensor on the back makes sense, but I don’t see the need for or want Iris scanning. I feel like high-fidelity recording is a really niche feature that I personally would not want to pay for. Same goes for 3D Touch, Wacom stylus, and whatever security and enterprise features are.

Screen: I personally feel 5in, 1920x1080 is the sweetspot. Enough pixel density to look great without sucking a huge amount of battery. I also hate today’s huge phones (funny, I remember when 5in was huge), which brings me to…

Design: Close to a bezelless phone w/a 5in screen would be so easy to hold and use which would be amazing. But this directly contrasts with the front facing speakers idea. Honestly both are great and it’s not an easy decision. But I’d say let’s go with some very small bezels on the top and bottom to allow them, and to prevent having a super ugly notch like iPhone X and Essential phone.


Did you notice I highlighted the features I wanted in bold? If not, do you have any suggestion to make it more visible?

I think it’s a nice feature but it is difficult to implement, adds to the cost, makes the phone have more moving parts (so less durable) and I’m now used to android keyboard anyway.

Agree with you on connectivity.

Exactly. And also, internal storage tends to be faster but external storage makes it easier to transfer files i.e. from the phone to a PC.

Tbh most consumers that buy expensive phones (400$ is what I think where it starts to be expensive for a phone) will care to see reviews and those will surely bash if it doesn’t have the top one.

8GB RAM just to future proof it (although it might yes be overkill if you don’t game).

I did say :wink: 4000mAh

MS had a feature in which you could change the amount of led light after taking the photo so that was my idea :slight_smile:

Maybe yes. Or to have sort of OnePlus’ button and being able to remap it to whatever we wanted.

For features, see the ones I put in bold.

The rest I agree although a 5 inch screen does look a little small now haha


What’s everyone’s opinion on 2:1 screen ratio? I am in favor.


Gosh this thread have the focus of passion around here ^^

So I would like to point it out some of my ethical problems with « another » phone on the market.

My first problem, that I’ve been aware for some months now, it’s the use of children, devastation of some china’s Region to produce neodym components, or some African miners to dig up some tantale. I’m not even sure that our V’s are human/eco friendly regarding all those matters and perhaps we just aggravating the situation @Team
But I know that in the phones in particular there are a lot of neodym and tantale condensators…

My second problem, is about security. Already about my tablet it will be a challenge to secure this tool. Because, sorry Windows fan boys, but since when Windows have been become secure ? And our tool has a lot of connectivity on its hands to protect from! BT, WiFI… on a laptop in general you have button to deactivate all of that but not on the tablet since it’s its major point of access. But at least I will have a way to connect a ssd through TB3 and have qubes installed on it.
So how are you gonna secure a phone exactly ? You are going to be reliable on the OS ? Seriously? That’s supposed to be in really strong partnership with the OS devs. Just take the example from cyanogenmod, its existence were only based on nearly one person.
Microsoft have abandonned it mobile version.
I hate java and every respectable devs should understand why java based os should be a last resort solution.
I really doubt that we have the microchips compatible for a real OS like it was the dream of ubuntu, to put on, do we ?


I did but then I saw you say

after all the features, so I thought you actually want everything. As for visibility, you might consider starting a new thread “An amazing Eve Phone Part 2” or something as this one is insanely long.

My bad, I actually saw that as I was writing and thought I took out my comment about it.


It’s sad that even someone so aware of security and skeptical like you carries around his “Telescreen”.

Read here what I mean with carrying around a “Telescreen”.


When this thread gets 1000 replies I’ll do that :wink: just messing with you, I’ll do that mid jan maybe later. But you can always make this thread with 1000 replies haha


food for thought:


lol that’s a good one.
Well, you would be surprised what I have as security measure in place on my “personal phone” and work blackphone. Plus I don’t have both always on.

And for the V, like I said, there is at least the solution to put qubesOS on it which gives all security that I need… but maybe you are not familiar with their work?