An amazing Eve Phone


Reading all of these posts, I’m worried people are hoping for a stereotypical flagship. Just like the V, we can sacrifice a few things (screen size, phone thickness, etc.) for other features. And more also isn’t better, some people don’t need the latest and greatest, they just want a great phone to meet their needs. It is great to go above and beyond, but not when it goes above and beyond our bank accounts. I love extra features, but some things I’d prefer to live without since I’m never going to use it and it’ll be a waste of money. As for what those features are, I talked about them in one of my last posts here.

I’m not speaking for everyone, this is just my opinion.


OIS doesn’t make a great camera. Its the software which it uses. Just putting hardware (OIS) in the camera doesn’t really help if your camera algorithms are crap.


I just meant it would be a better start. Of course other algorithms would still be required.


Think OP5t: great flagship at a lower price. But what price range are you looking for? I’d say $500 is cheap for a smartphone these days, but of course even cheaper is possible…


I’ll admit I haven’t looked too much into other phones’ prices vs. specs :sweat_smile:

I don’t know what the target price range should be. If you read my previous post, I talked about having a lot of storage. Its nice, but not necessary if there is a microSD slot on the phone, and there should be. As far as I know the OP5t doesn’t have one, so you are forced to buy a phone with a lot of storage. Why not buy a phone with 32 GB, maybe 64 GB for apps and use a 64 GB or higher SD card for music, photos and videos? That’s what I do, and prefer.


That actually sounds like a good idea :star_struck:! If the phone works well with an SD, it means more internal space in the phone can be used for battery, etc.


I’m not an industrial designer, I mostly did this so I can get used to using Inventor. Here are my sketches of the phone:


That looks like ancopy of LG G6/V30


Does it? I made it completely off what I thought looked okay :persevere:


Contrary to many people, I quite like the Razer Phone’s design :slight_smile: even more than your concept :stuck_out_tongue: Except the buttons haha

  1. @kuu Nice design. This is similar to what I was thinking of, however without stereo front-facing speakers. Have you purposefully left these out, or is it just a mistake?

  2. I like the placement of the Eve logo at the bottom of the back of the phone; it looks kinda neat :+1:!

  3. Where should the sim tray + SD card slot go? I think it could go on the top, keeping it out of eyesight.

  4. The problem is, all of the designs shown in previous posts look quite similar/identical to current flagship phones (I’m of course guilty of this myself).

Not having too much experience could potentially go wrong in too many places. In other words, I think we should all decide on a USP which would make the Eve team consider creating a smartphone in the first place.

Choose your 5-10 favourite USPs:

  • Small body & large screen
  • Battery life
  • Camera
  • Latest processor
  • Sound quality/loudness
  • Robust build (difficult to break)
  • Storage (more features for SD: better expandability)
  • Affordable price
  • Thicker but better specs
  • Continuity (work well with V) (e.g. iOS & macOS)
  • Fast wireless charging
  • Dedicated button + widgets
  • Stronger waterproofing
  • No camera bump
  • Stylus support
  • Other (make a suggestion in reply)…

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Personally I would recommend two things for now
-ony one camerea which could be flipped so that one camera can be the front and rear too
-enhanced sound like iPhone (using simultaneously the earpice speaker and the default speaker


Do you mean that there shouldn’t be a selfie camera, just a rear camera. I don’t think that’s such a good idea in the world we live in… :smile:


No, you didn’t get it. It should definitely be a selfie camera , but no one will use the rear and front at the same time.
I was thinking similarly to this phones main-qimg-562dcc3e568e3793972a8b729e73aedb

I think it might be more cost effective , lighter , thinner maybe. So instead of maybe a 20 mp and 12mp , you could just have a 24mp camera.


I want an insane super camera and a mega battery. Like not on any other smartphone level. Like legit camera level. Using camera tech. With a huge battery. Oled, bezelless, thicker for bigger battery. Speakers can be weak, but allow for speaker attachments that crank up sound and provide a dac. I really just want a nice camera.


The Google pixel 2, the current best phone on the market for camera quality, comes nowhere close to actual camera levels. Smartphones aren’t made to be a 100% replacement, and likely never will. Even asking Eve to get on Google’s level is probably asking too much.


And just cos pixel 2 is stock android it doesn’t mean that another phone can have exactly the same software. Eg I doubt Google will share it’s camera algorithms which apparently have machine learning.


You cannot think only about your preferences as if it will be in minority then it will not be feasible


Everyone’s opinion is valid. Whether their thoughts are good or bad is decided by everyone else, but if we don’t have their idea in the first place we won’t know if it’s good or bad. It might be the one key factor in making this a great product, who knows.

@unique_designer I didn’t include the stereo speakers since I don’t care too much for them. If we want them all I have to do is extend the ones I currently have. I put a slot on the side of the phone, which you can see on the left image where the sim and the SD cards where supposed to go. Other than that, any ideas on how to make my sketch (model, thing, whatever) more unique, and look less like the G6? Like I said I’m not an industrial designer, and in the past I did graphical design for a robotics team I was in even though I was software, it’s just fun to sketch things.


Hi @kuu,

I thought that was a power/sleep button at first! Doesn’t that mean there’s no power button? And actually, at the moment we don’t know exactly what people want, but at the time of writing this there have been 14 voters…

Here’s a summary of what we (based on results) want:

  1. Great battery. Actually lasts a day so that we can worry less about charging
  2. Needs a high-end camera. V has no amazing cameras, so this should be the go-to device for photography
  3. We want to be able to buy a new Eve phone every time it comes out! So it has to be cheap.
  4. Reality is what it is. Everyone has dropped their phone at least once, maybe even cracked the screen a bit. But as users we shouldn’t have to fear dropping it at all!

On the other hand, we don’t need:

  1. The fastest phone. Don’t get me wrong, it has to be a smooth experience, but too much isn’t necessary (not everyone’s a heavy gamer)
  2. Waterproofing isn’t too important, as we don’t all swim with our phones everywhere :laughing:
  3. Wireless charging is not that good. It’s very slow and you can’t use your phone whilst it’s charging
  4. Most people don’t mind a camera bump too much, but it still can’t be too big

People are split on:

  1. Screen:body ratio. Should we follow the trend?
  2. Thicker but better specs. Would you mind a few mm extra?

My personal favourites:

  1. More SD support. Apps stay on main storage, but others go on SD Card. People who want more storage can buy more, and space inside the phone can be used for battery (no. 1 on list). Switching to a new phone would much faster as well
  2. Continuity. Apple does it the best, Google is trying with Pixel & Pixelbook. What if we do the same with Eve V & their phone? For example, shared clipboard, or user could link desktop app to mobile app for a Handoff-like flow
  3. Dedicated button. Simply a widget & suggestions page, which changes based on where you are (i.e. Home or Work or Transit).
  4. Make this thing a portable speaker! This is for all music lovers. Make it loud and clear, master the base and it will be awesome!

This isn’t valid for everyone. If you disagree, join the vote!