An amazing Eve Phone


Microsoft doesn’t really mind. Surface was meant to showcase the OEMs what they can do. Microsoft is happy when OEMs widen the hardware for the Windows ecosystem.

Their own surface line is not for making real money, it’s a way to show OEMs what they can do and what the Windows ecosystem is capable of. They get their money from Windows anyway


That was my point. Or rather, it must have seemed audacious for Eve to present their business plan at first. “You’re going to what??? Try to outdo the Surface?? Are you crazy?” But here they are with a cutting edge laptop, even after many delays beyond their control. I’m not saying a phone would necessarily be best next step, but the model of how to do it in face of competition from massive companies is established for them. Cutting edge of performance and focus on making best of the best even better.


Yeah much like oneplus and essential

Ps really liking the OnePlus 5t, better than pixel 2 xl for me i think as I’d take a better display, better battery, more ram and much cheaper price over a better camera


That trick has been done in the phone market. And is being done over and over. I’d like to know if Essential is actually doing well for themselves.

Phone market is a real other kind of market as well. You’re dependent on third parties (providers) for a large proportion of how well you’ll do. Or you need some kind of other marketing trick to do so, like One Plus did. So Eve better has some marketing genius.


No, Eve was competing in the 2in1 market. It’s a tought market, but somewhat less so than smartphones and nowhere near as tough as hi-fi and sound engineering.


What’s the battery life like on each?


Should we consider fairly “produced” raw materials, like fairphone does?


I follow mrwhosetheboss on YouTube and his battery drain test compares them all


I believe Android 8.1, which just dropped, inverts the color of the status bar in certain system applications in order to deal with this issue.

Eve has hinted that the next device (not counting Donald Dock) will probably not be a phone, because they would like to utilize many of the contacts, suppliers, tools, etc they’ve gathered during the development of the V. Konsta has said that he would like to do something different, but not world’s away from the V, and that the product after that could be basically anything (i.e a phone if that’s what the community wanted).

I personally agree that the phone market is not something that is easily toyed with; giants like Amazon and Microsoft haven’t even been able to sustain success. Not saying Eve couldn’t do it, but we need to acknowledge what a monumental task that is.


That would be awesome (and way overdue). Custom software can be written to simulate similar tricks if necessary. The iPhone X supposedly also has some of those tricks.



I have read the last few posts and understand why Eve may not want to bring out its own phone too soon. However, I have sketched out a few ideas, keeping the following in mind:

  • Screen: the only thing some people care about nowadays when it comes to phones is their screen; they want it to be larger, bezel-less, bright and OLED & beyond.
    = I have attempted to include this in the design, but just like the V is a compact laptop/tablet, the Eve phone can be a reasonably sized phone (5.55" display). I think I have dealt with the bezels relatively well, and the screen doesn’t have to be too bright. OLED would be great as well.

  • Camera: this is arguably the second most important feature in a phone. I have watched several reviews of phones, and usually this comes up second. More pixels doesn’t always guarantee a better result, however helps (especially as more software updates come out).
    = I have decided on a dual camera setup on the back (2x 12MP sensors, possibly with OIS). Dual-tone Flash should be on back too. And no bump! The front facing camera is also a 12MP sensor, and it would be amazing if it could have IR facial recognition (similar to Windows devices). I was thinking of OIS on the selfie camera, however this would be very unnecessary.

  • Good General Specs: as the phone market grows, processors and battery quality radically improves as well.

= I strongly agree with @aadilsaif, so 6GB Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 it is!

A 4000 mAh battery could be a bit to unrealistic, so perhaps ~3500 mAh would do - still great, btw.

  • Speakers: better speakers help with everything. That’s why the Eve phone should have stereo front-facing speakers! These would fit just below and above the near edge-to-edge display.
  • USB Type-C: the way forward
    = supports Quick Charge 3.0 (5V 4A)
  • Waterproofing and Dustproofing: essential in all phones nowadays
    = IP67 or IP68?
  • Storage: a lot of storage is more than appreciated.
    = 128GB - Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 2.1?
  • 3.5mm Audio Connector: actually include
    = MUST.
  • Near Stock Android: no bloatware. Or Windows Mobile, if it is pulled out of its ‘beta’ (that’s what it has always felt like)
    = if Android, based on Android™ Oreo! Not many phones are running Oreo yet.
  • SIM: it’s what makes a smartphone a phone
    = Dual nano-SIM slot (could go above power button, or on top of phone)
  • Sensors: these are the sensors needed for a great smartphone experience
    = Accelerometer (Sensor)
    = Gyroscope (Sensor)
    = Proximity (Sensor)
    = RGB Ambient Light (Sensor)
    = Electronic Compass (Sensor)
  • Extras
    = MicroSD card slot (not too important if phone has enough storage already, but popular)
    = RGB LED notification light (Top Left)
    = Haptic vibration motor
    = 6-microphone with noise cancellation
    = Titanium body
    = Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5
    = NFC
    = Bluetooth 5.0
    = GPS
    = Wireless Charging (this isn’t a must). Would also hinder robust design.
  • Fingerprint Sensor (of course!): if the IR facial recognition is included in the phone, a second option for unlocking is still useful. Either it can go:
  1. On the back of the phone, hidden beneath the Eve logo
  2. Under the power/sleep button
    PS: make sure to clarify your thoughts on where the fingerprint reader should be placed…

Here are the sketches:


These are just my general thoughts, and I’m not too sure at the moment if Eve, as a small startup company, are capable of a feature-packeThis text will be blurredd device as such (no offence meant at all).

Do you like any of my ideas. Could it be too expensive? Can something be improved/removed/added?

… What do you think? :wink:


Looks nice but no sharp corners please - they ruin my pockets!


I forgot to add them to my design! It’s meant to be a comfortable phone.


Do you think a stylus would be necessary? It can be useful, but the downsides are less battery capacity and difficult waterproofing


Hiya thanks for the ideas and sketches, great to see the effort you’ve put in.

Firstly, you’ve summarised a very decent phone indeed, defo one I’d consider buying. In particular I like that you’ve done for a slightly smaller form factor, 5.5inch to make it more manageable in the hand. I think this would be a great USP

The big challenge I see is software. Eg to make a great camera phone, just look at what Google has managed to achieve with less in their pixel 2. I’m not sure eve has the resources to match this. That said, OP5T comes very close and I believe they’re a small company too?

Re finger print sensor, why not have it at both locations! :wink:

Edit : no need for a stylus imo. Again, more software needed that Eve doesn’t have and it’s a pretty niche product that only one phone out there has, so no a deal breaker imo

Edit edit: I want to stress how software and optimization is crucial. I think we’re learning from the V that it’s not enough just to have great specs, they have to optimised in the software to truly make it work as intended.


That is mostly marketing. It has quite some resources behind it through Oppo who has ownership over One Plus. We won’t be able to replicate Google. But great hardware might be good starting point. I’m not sure what the zero point is with image sensors.


Again wrong. I don’t get why people have to make these wrong assumptions. OPPO doesn’t own OnePlus. BBK owns OnePlus and Oppo and Vivo.

And what comes to the software, it would be the part where EVE would have the hardest part. Yeah you can use pure Android (“clean”) but that is not enough. You would need a lot of expertise in camera software and algorithms which even OnePlus haven’t been able to do, and they have lot of ex-HTC and Google camera guys in their dev team.

EVE could easily produce the hardware part of the phone, but again software is the biggest thing and that is where we would have a problem. Even Nokias software (which is “pure android”) is really buggy with lot of Bluetooth problems etc etc.


Fair enough. I just did a small Wikipedia search (there is the source of accusations). Don’t know the details. I know they have more resources then the small company they market they are.


I definitely agree with you. It needs to be near stock, but of course some additional features would be cool (it’s Eve, so unlike Samsung, people could vote what they actually want). As well as this, I think battery life could also be a USP: if they fully optimise the phone, similar to the iPhone (smaller batteries, still decent battery life), more people may buy it.

Another possibility is going against the trend: all phones are getting thinner and specs are only improving a bit. If Eve make their phone a bit thicker than a generic flagship, it could pack a punch!

I do think you’re right, but if Eve start off with good OIS it could eliminate the need for EIS, which is a hefty task for software devs. I’m sure with such ‘workarounds’, less time needs to be spent on software (for camera)?


This has already been discussed, but I believe that something like Samsung’s ‘Edge Screen’ or Blackberry’s recent ‘Convenience Button’ (with different profiles) would work well. There are 2 main problems, however:

  1. dedicated button could be VERY annoying (coughBixbycough) :smile:
  2. this would be difficult to pull off successfully with software, once again

BUT, if possible, Eve could create an SDK so that other devs could make their app work even better on Eve phone?! It could become similar to the widgets page on iOS, which I miss on Android (just a bit better :wink: ); this would be the ultimate feature!