An amazing Eve Phone


Maybe list denied specs as well?

How about Qi Wireless?
What type of screen? LCD or OLED? How many Hz?
What kind of material? The Essential Ph1 has some exotic ones that are worth considering.
Dual lens system (unnecessary imo) as a telephoto or more wide-angle?
Dedicated camera button (very bad idea due to button shake, but people have suggested it).
Maximum price?

If my memory serves well, point 20 (4g & 5g connectivity) will be directly influenced by point 13 (latest Qualcomm processor)
I also believe that it should be the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series processor (or better).
Would be interested in Notch vs No-Notch (S8 & V30 & 5t vs iPhone X & Essential).

I’m not convinced this is the right move for Eve since the phone market is a real pain to get into. But if majority of the people like it, why not.

And, for the grammarnazi’s is it Newest or Latest, or are both correct spelling (this is just my non-native english confusion on grammar)


and is 70mm or less wide :slight_smile:


I’ve been meaning to make a post here, but since I’m so busy in life I never had the time to sit down and read this topic. So I have to thank for summarizing! :smiley:

My current phone is an LG K20 V, a cheap phone that serves me very well. However, it only has 1 GB RAM, 16 GB internal storage, and so much bloatware from a company I’m not going to name, but if you google the phone its the first one that comes up… ahem

So yeah, I would love better specs, but I was not sarcastic when I said my phone serve me well. It’s fast enough, the battery lasts me through the day when I’m just using it to listen to music, and I have not had any complaints against it. However, if I was picking a new phone, I’d agree with most of the points you listed, except for a few I know would be nice, but would be overkill and pointlessly raise the price of the phone.

my phone is 720p. Its hard to notice any individual pixels on a 5.3". However, it is noticible so I won’t complain if the community ends up voting for 1080p, but for many I assume it wont matter too much.

It would be great sounding, but it does contradict with the bezels, and it’s not a great selling point to me.

This isn’t a complaint, this is a must. Without a headphone jack I’m not even going to consider the phone.

Again, I think this is a bit too much. I won’t complain with 2, but my vote is 4-6.

With the microSD card slot, this is overkill, and I beg everybody to vote for something smaller. 16 GB on my phone is a bit small, so I’d prefer 32 GB, maybe 64. I have a 64 GB microSD card in my phone, so I really don’t need a large amount of space on my phone. It, again, pointlessly drives up the price IMO.

Doesn’t need to be dual lens as long as its good, and not just high pixel count good. It also need great color accuracy.

I would also throw in Qi wireless charging, but no dedicated camera button. Ususally the volume buttons work just as well. I’m on the edge about OLED vs. LCD. OLEDS are great for color, but are notorious for burn-in, so I’d probably vote for LCD.

I’m not arguing against you, It’s just easy quoting you since you have all the points laid out in a nice, easy format to reference. Thank you!

*edit: I almost forgot NFC, its on my wishlist, but not a necessity :grin:


Dual lens camera is standard lens + wide angle imo. Ever since I got the G5 I’ve been sold on dual lenses. I would love to see a three lens system that includes a telephoto.

The S8 feels really nice in hand but I think it has too little bezel. I had a G3 previously and that was perfect for me. I would prefer to see slim bezels get used as a way to keep the screen size down to 5"ish or less.

Water/dust proofing is tough. I’ve always wanted a good ruggedized phone so I don’t have to deal with cases. I’d be willing to have a decent slower processor augmented by more RAM to make that happen. I’m more concerned with having a great camera system and battery life than a top end processor.

I doubt there’s much demand for that kind of phone though which is why I’d love to see a flagship phone in the 4.5" - 5" range. Then a case won’t make the phone too big to fit in a pocket comfortably.

4-6gb of RAM is fine. So is less onboard storage. I’ll second the statement that headphone jack is a must. So is NFC. Wireless charging would be great. I prefer the power and volume buttons on the back of the phone.


I agree. Processor doesn’t really matter, as long as the camera is the best camera out there. I want multiple day battery life.

I guess I really want a camera with cellular functions more than a phone with a camera…


For sure. One thing on the phone side…I put high priority on antennas. I live and work in a somewhat remote area and signal strength can be a problem. The one thing I really hate about my LG is the signal strength. Samsung and Apple have much better antennas but I just don’t like what they offer as a whole package.

Oh, and simultaneous dual SIM. That just seems to be getting more important for people. Multi carrier SIM capability that would allow a phone to be used on the Google Fi system would be really nice too.


I would love that phone xD If Razer can do that it would be awesome (it’s a market too saturated foe a company like Eve).

A removable battery isn’t a must for me.

The mighty headphone jack removal is an annoyance but I’ve not decided if it’s a deal breaker or not.

And if you add a camera button to the Razer Phone and you’d have a really good device.

I don’t see the need for NFC (at least here no one uses) or wireless charging (it still needs to be near - I don’t know if it needs to be touching the charging pad or not)

Also, they need to improve a little on their camera setup.


Honestly as someone who uses a 1440p screen going back to 720p seems nearly impossible at this point. Also I feel like at least 1080p has become the standard in phones and anything lower would hurt sales as most people would see that as a major downside.

I would agree on this. 8gb seems a bit overkill and 6 seems to be a sweet spot for most people

In my experience single lens cameras don’t have the same capabilities as dual lens when it comes to wide angles, hdr and low light photography. (The exception being the pixel 2 but the only reason that happened is because of google’s incredible software.) As of right now dual lens camera’s just offer much more and sacrificing that would be a huge downfall in the current market

I feel like wireless charging for now drives up the cost without any huge upsides. It also means the body can’t be made out of metal which would be a huge hit in terms of build quality

Now that you put it that way I would have to agree with you on that

I agree with your point of LCD being better than OLED for now especially when it comes to longevity.

Your welcome and don’t worry you left no such impression and the points you did rebuttal were valid and interesting.


The only a reason I and some members of the community want the removable battery is for longevity. Most of the time people stop using a phone not due to slow speeds or lack of functionality but due to a battery degradation. Thus, a removable battery would help the phones last longer. However I do why a lot of people don’t care for it especially as it makes waterproofing difficult


Google pixel 2 xl ticks most of the boxes imo


What about a phon that has a thunderbolt 3 port and can also boot into windows 10 running on ARM possessors?


Personally, I can’t care less. I’ve been moving away from headphone jacks for consuming audio for the past couple of years though. I get that having backwards compatibility with such (sometimes high-end) devices is important. But yeah. I wouldn’t complain if it was there, just don’t care about it.

Have you ever used a camera button in less then optimal light scenarios? Especially on a phone? It’s horrible! Dedicated hardware camera button is something that shouldn’t come back. I can live with the volume button functioning as one because it won’t get in my way. But not a dedicated button. You move the phone while pressing the button, so you already shake the camera more then normally. Just no…

As for the LCD vs. OLED, burn in isn’t really an issue for me. This can be prevented with software (moving the default UI elements a few pixels in x amount of time). The deep blacks, colors and better battery management are major plus points for me. The only thing that might convince me is a 120Hz display. Haven’t seen it in real life, but youtube techers seem to be rafing about it.

So if it’s removable by a professional in, say 10 minutes. Without damaging the device. Would that be acceptable?

How about a porcelain back? Like the Essential Ph1. I like having Qi on my nightstand. Sure it’s a minor thing, but it’s nice to have.
I would pay to give Qi to my girlfriend’s phone. She never charges it overnight, because it has 30% left or something. It drives me crazy!


Ur right… market is already too crowded. Don’t think this is a wise path to follow for EVE as a company


It sounds like you use (or have used) camera buttons in a completely different way than I do. I very rarely use it to take the photos, I primarily use it to launch the camera app. Being able to press the button as I pull the phone out of my pocket so that the camera is open and ready by the time I have it in my hand is really nice.
Granted, it would be better with a macro button rather than a dedicated camera button, but I am really against removing buttons. The more buttons the better. Especially if what they do can be edited.


I’m all for removing buttons. A button (which will be used on the side) is always prone to accidental presses. You won’t believe the amount of lockscreen screenshots iPhone X users have… But you are right. I hadn’t thought of using it as the launch camera button but more as a shutter button.
An alternative might be how the Sony Ericsson k800i did it. It’s an old phone but I loved it’s camera. It’s behind a protective plate. When you slide it open it launches the camera app.

Talking about iPhone. I’m unsure if it’s patented or not. But that little switch to mute. I love that thing!


If I remember correctly, there are OnePlus phones that have it, so it shouldn’t be patented.

Regarding the camera button, the problem with most camera buttons is they’re too hard. If you try the button on real cameras, they’re much softer than what you find on phones.


Dslr camera buttons have a way to long traveltime for a phone. So a dslr has way more weight and is more grippy to compensate for the added force. And there are more things to mention. But I’ll shut about it or I will be ranting all day.


I feel like in daily convenience it is important. For example, if I am borrowing a headphone from someone or if the battery on my headphones is dead and I need to go wired, it just seems very convenient to have it just in case, especially as someone who travels a lot.

I would agree with that point if we were talking about a phone from a much more global company like Apple or Samsung where shops and service centers are available almost everywhere thus doing such a process is very convenient. For a smaller company like Eve this is much more difficult as it would mean getting the process done from someone not related to the company and has probably never worked with the company before and that always seems to lead to problems.

I have never used a porcelain back phone, so I can’t comment much on that. But if a porcelain back offers a strong build and Qi wireless than I am all for it.


I have one headphone pair left that i connect via the plug. It’s open back so I’m not going to use it anywhere public. And I don’t share my earbuds. But if it doesn’t compromise something else I wouldn’t mind a headphone jack. I don’t think you’ll get complaints of having a headphone jack.


I recently revived my HTC one m9 by replacing the battery by a local repairshop. I know a lot of people who let their iPhone be repaired by these stores as they are more convenient and cheaper. But I cannot comment on the rest of the world.


Eve V–>competing with Microsoft. Hmmm, wonder how that idea went over at first? And yet here they are…