An amazing Eve Phone


I agree that the next eve product is not likely gonna be a phone. - The discussion is quite interesting nevertheless. It seems that a lot of people are dissatisfied by the options currently available on the market. :wink:


It depends on what USP (Unique Selling Point) that you can offer.

Car industry is probably the most saturated and crowded one, not to mention the high entry cost. Luxury cars segment also has significantly higher brand loyalty compared to the ‘regular’ cars or practically any other market. And yet Tesla managed to get in due to their unique USP and brand image they created.


OnePlus 5T is doing a good job so far. Just the lack of front facing speakers is a little disappointing imo but it has a lot going for it. Great value, decent screen, decent camera, very fast, 8 gb ram, great battery life, faster facial recognition than iPhone X!


An excellent point, lower resolution and smaller screens actually consumes much less energy. I never understood why phones need to go higher than 1080. Can’t see the difference.


But the reviewers can :wink: and thats what matter for the customers purchasing decision.


yes your right! but the eve phone can just have “community developed” as their USP…


Not really. We just need to think outside of the box. From my 5 minutes thinking, removable battery could be one of em.


Removeable batteries are a god send in this day and age, I’m keeping my Lumia 950 just because of that.


A removable battery is awesome… provided batteries are available !


A physical keyboard like the blackberry priv has would be nice


Re headphone jack. Eve could engineer and produce a usb-C plug headset I imagine. Couldn’t be that hard. Small, 90° angle. Could market that beyond just Eve.
Writing this from a Note 8, by far best phone I’ve ever owned. For Eve phone, would need killer specs, stylus, great screen, LOT of memory. Top Eve version should be to, say, a Note 8 what top end V is to Surface Pro

Imo the niche that is open it’s high end Enterprise, niche the Surface phone meant to fill.

Ps - can’t wait to get my Eve!!!


To be honest, making a Note 8 clone wouldn’t make it unique or special to the market, there are chinese companies that already have note 8 clones on the market.


So you suggest a phone with two usb-c ports ?


I haven’t read the entire post (it’s long). I disagree with numerous things in the first post but will let those sit untill I have read the entire post.

Here is what I think now: Just don’t make a phone. You have to have a ton of marketing, because that’s what phones are about nowadays. Like deals with telecom around the world to subsidize the phone in some way. Or you have pull a “One plus” with a rediculous cheap good phone. However, that market is being take by storm as well. The phone should not be a major product for a company like Eve right now.

That being said, discussing it is always fun! :smiley: Will return when have read enough.


:grin:…that’s pretty funny. Kind of a cool concept tho.

I wonder how feasible it would be to make a 90 degree angle plug that has a pass thru port for charging purposes? I suppose it would have to be very proprietary so the wiring/pinout layout could allow for audio transport without hindering normal USB-C functionality. Maybe one of our more engineering savvy members could answer that.


A short update: I haven’t reviewed this thread in quite some time so the specs and features aren’t indicative of what my current opinion is. That being said, I hope I can find a little time to check on this later this month or the next. :slight_smile:


no it cannot. do you suggest that on top of trying to compete with the likes of samsung, etc, it should try to breach simultaneously an entirely different market and compete with sennheiser, klipsch, schure, etc


Based on what I have read this is my understanding of the features that are wanted.

  1. 5" to 5.5" screen
  2. Relatively bezel-less display(similar to the ones on the Oneplus 5t and the S8)
  3. 1080p screen
  4. 18:9 aspect ratio
  5. On screen buttons rather than physical ones
  6. Front facing speakers (would kinda contradict the bezel-less idea)
  7. Fingerprint scanner but on the back
  8. Should have USB 3.1 reversible Type C (supports quickcharge)
  9. Headphone jack
  10. Runs Newest version of Android
  11. Minimal to no bloatware
  12. Runs close to stock android
  13. Newest Qualcomm processor
  14. Waterproof and dustproof (IP67 or IP68)
  15. Battery between 3000mah and 3500mah
  16. Removable Battery (will make waterproofing difficult)
  17. 6 to 8gb RAM
  18. 128gb minimum storage
  19. dual sim + MicroSD (not a hybrid slot)
  20. Supports 4g or maybe even 5g
  21. Dual lens back camera
  22. Decent front facing camera
  23. Priced between $500 and $700
  24. Has all of the necessary sensors

Please tell me if I have missed anything


This sounds like a generic flagship phone when you put it all together lol.


Ikr when you list it, it just becomes a razer phone with waterproofing and a removable battery