An amazing Eve Phone


Pants… Back to big smartphones then!


I had no problems with Acer Iconia W700… so @Kee don’t worry lol


SOoooo. Smartphones. Size is personal preference i understand that. I dont think EVE needs to do another big phablet (5.5-7"), there are plenty to choose from. However smaller phones, and when i say smaller i dont necessarily mean small screens, Something along the lines of iphone/google pixel dimensions, are scarce. Lately the idea seems that phones need to be getting thinner and im ok with not going too thin at the expense of battery and structure.


So you mean 5"? I think there are also plenty of 5" smartphones. I’d say pretty much the same amount as 5.5". Basically the market is ruled by 5" and 5.5", then just a few 6"ers and anything below 5" or above 6" is complete void. So if you want to fill a niche, shouldn’t it be either considerably smaller than 5" or 6"+?


Well Paul i mean overall dimensions, screen to body ratio can change but overall dimensions is what the focus should be. Manufacturers have shown that we can pack a 5.5" Display on a typical 4.6" body. There are not plenty 5" smartphones with the execption of the iphone that have the overall dimensions that are small enough to be comfortable but still able to have a good size screen. Ex. Im holding off on getting the Essential phone because its overall dimensions are bigger than my current phone. and i have a 5" screen.


Maybe, but only if your definition of a 4.6" body is like 10 years old… Seriously, I’d say the typical width for a 5" phone is 70mm… Now, some 5.5" phones come close to this, but that’s not even remotely close to 4.6". The typical width of that would be 65mm.

Sorry but I don’t think that’s possible… At this point most phones have thin enough bezels, so you could only reduce the width by something like 1mm or 2mm, but is that a major difference to you?


Agreed, so maybe not 4.6" body. But definitely not more than 69mm.

I think you are only thinking of bezels on left and right, im talking about top and bottom as well. In other words iphone 7 dims are 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm (5.44 x 2.64 x 0.28 in). Which when i held felt like the perfect size but if we can increase the screen size and make top/bottom bezels smaller we can have close to a 5" screen on 4.6 body. and iphone 7 is not 10 years old.


I sincerely doubt you can fit a 5.5" screen in under 69mm, because that’s pretty narrow even for 5".
As for top and bottom bezels, I really couldn’t care less, because that’s not where I hold the phone. The bottom bezel can be 5cm, it doesn’t really matter, because I grip the phone on its sides.

Sure, but first you were talking about 5.5" in 4", then it became 5.5" in 4.6" and now it’s only “near 5” in 4.6"… Can we settle down and finally decide what exactly we’re talking about?


Well Paul i don’t know what we could fit on those dimensions. So it could be 5" or 5.5". Apparently you don’t know how naming ideas work. You give crude dimensions and then you refine.

EDIT: if something like the Mi Mix is done im sure we can get a lot of screen real state. and if the phone is think enough the fingerprint reader can go on the side.


Ok, so you’re suggesting 67mm wide phone with as big of a screen as you can fit there? Is that right? May I suggest changing that to 65mm to differentiate a bit more from 5" phones (which are already made in 69mm width)? I think we could fit a 5" screen in that if we use an aspect ratio wider than 16:9.

As for 5.5", I really don’t think that’s possible neither in 65mm nor in 67mm. You could fit that in 70mm if you use a wider aspect ratio, but to fit it in 67mm it would probably need to be 2:1 :smile:


I dont think i would want to go down to 65mm so that we could have more screen and i am ok with not getting to 5.5, but getting as close to it.
Also I dont think there has been that many phones with 67mm that have 5", 69mm sure there are a few. But also take into account fingerprint reader and your number gets smaller, then take into account sim card expansion and numbers dwindle. Just did a search on gsmarena with these parameters and not many showed up. try it.


I didn’t mean to say that there are any 67mm 5" phones. But what I meant is that there are many 69mm 5" phones, and if you make a 67mm phone it will not be considerably smaller than 69mm. I just suggested going for 65mm just to make it actually noticeably smaller than what is in the market now. Because I think most people wouldn’t even notice that their phone is smaller when comparing 67mm to 69mm…

And what the heck is “sim card expansion”? If there is no sim card, you can’t make calls, so it’s not even a phone.


LOL i meant SD CARD lol, my head was going faster than my fingers


Ah, that makes sense…

Well, I guess our needs are different then. Because to me, anything above 65mm is too big. I just can’t possibly go back after trying a Sony Xperia X Compact :slight_smile: I wish I could go even smaller… And I don’t really care about screen size, in fact I loved my 4.3" phones :slight_smile:


But if they could get a screen bigger in that body? would you.


Would I what?

Look, as I said, 65mm is the absolute maximum to me. And I’m 100% happy with 4.6", I really don’t need it bigger. I guess it would be a small bonus, sort of… But I’d rather keep the screen size and further reduce width. That would be a much better bonus to me.


My (Eve) smartphone wishlist

  • TB3 port (including display out)

  • Dual active SIM + microsd (not hybrid dual SIM)

  • Failover/failback/smart load balancing modes for data connections on sim 1, sim 2, AND wifi

  • True world phone with every possible band of LTE (including new band 71), CDMA/EVDO, GSM/UMTS in use anywhere in the world

  • Dual front facing stereo speakers (possibly “subwoofer” third speaker)

  • True onboard / offline WAAS GPS + GLONASS + GALILEO + BeiDou + NAVIC + MSAS / QZSS (and maybe true AHRS quality gyro too!)

  • Matte screen

  • waterproof / dust proof / Max possible scratch resistance on all surfaces

  • integrated vertical kickstand

  • latest version of wireless charging standards (I’m tired of plugging in to charge causing loose USB ports forcing replacement of other usable device)

  • Fully unlocked bootloader and/or multiboot, no checking carrier permission to create hotspot / tether, root/unroot right in settings menu

  • Open source hardware drivers / RIL

  • Magnetic back plate or spot

  • small lanyard loop

I’m sure I will think of a ton more but that’s plenty of dreaming for now…


Why a TB3 port on a phone? USB-C using USB 3.1 should be capable of doing everything that a phone needs to do, no need at all for TB. That actually does make the phone a lot more complicated that it seems.

I’m all for good speakers on a phone, but if it were to include a subwoofer I really don’t think it would be any good if it was built in, plut it would lead to serious compromises on space.

If we used something like Moto Mods (or actually just used Moto Mods), then you could attach a very nice (hopefully much nicer than the current mod speaker, it’s actually not very good) speaker to the phone, without compromising any space inside of the device.

Shatterproof/scratchproof screen would also be nice.


I run my business from multiple offices (including home) so I’m looking for a PC in my pocket - with telephony.
Which I think is where Microsoft are heading. Full Windows (so probably intel) with all the ‘bells and whistles’ which we expect to see in premium, feature rich, smartphones, but Eve’d.
I need three right now!

One feature, I’d love to resurrect on a handheld device is the Jog-Dial as featured on the Sony-Ericsson P900


@Konstantinos don’t you think the market is already too crowded? There is no economic sense to join.