An amazing Eve Phone


An interesting read.
Though we keep complaining that battery tech hasn’t progressed, it has progressed greatly. We’ve been able to stuff a lot more into the same volume, compared to the phones of the past. The reason we haven’t experienced better battery life is due to the increased power consumption of phone components, especially the high-res screens found in smartphones today.


Speaking of small phone…


I believe most of us want a small phone that does more than just making calls xD


If there are good qualty dongles that charge and provide a headphone jack I don’t think it be a problem I think we should bug anker to make a good one


Let me remind you, Eve V runs Android too.

But then it has to be like 8" :smile: Sorry, this is of course my personal opinion, but I don’t understand how some 5.5" or 6" phone could replace a 10"-12" tablet :wink:

Not really. Power consumption has been reduced, yes. The CPU efficiency has improved. But battery tech itself, not at all… I mean they no longer require you to fully charge and fully discharge multiple times before first use, which is a good thing, but that’s not really the battery itself.

Well, you can do the same without a “dongle”. Dongles get lost, dongles are forgotten at home, dongles are not elegant… And buying headphones with USB plugs is expensive, because you need a DAC for every headphone. So, $5 expendable earbuds would not be a thing anymore.


Via an emulator? I’ve generally not been impressed by these, but maybe that’s down to the poor performance of my atom based surface 3. Else how does Eve V run android?


Agreed personal opinion, but I’m perfectly happy to watch YouTube or play games on a 5.1inch screen now, with bezeless displays a larger screen (eg 5.7) would be even better. For movie consumption, then yes I’d use the V. So still no need for a dedicated tablet.


The atom may explain some of the poor performance.

I’m not sure exactly what Paul is talking about, but I’d imagine either emulated Android or Android x86. Dual Boot to Android x86 and you’ve got a full Android tablet.


If eve makes a phone I want see it be a android phone and have them come out with good charging dock speakers combo that chargers and play music through USB C


Nope, natively :slight_smile: There have been phones with Intel Atom processors, so some Android versions officially support x86. For other versions there’s still the Android-x86 project… Works fine :slight_smile:

But Eve V is your dedicated tablet…


Eh, not sure how I feel about that. Sure, I can dual boot into Android, but then I can’t use the V as my Windows laptop. My phone runs Android which is enough for me though.


Actually, until the 30ies, pocket books used to be 12X7 cm (plus 1 cm margin), or 11X8, and sometimes smaller - and never mind the size of the typeface :upside_down_face:


Yeah sure, but I wasn’t replying to you. I was replying to:

First of all, I wasn’t talking about books… And yet, do you really think it was a good experience reading them? People just didn’t have more space in their pockets, that’s it… As for watching videos, I think 8"+ is basically required for a decent experience. Otherwise you’re just torturing your eyes. Ok I get what you mean, people still used to read those books, but look, if you’re going on a longer trip or something, I don’t see an issue with taking Eve V with you. Times have changed, in the 30s people were traveling with tiny suitcases where taking a book would occupy a significant part of the contents, and now it’s normal to have a backpack or big fat luggage when traveling.


V is a hybrid PC/ tablet, but with Windows 10 it cannot replace a “proper” tablet that runs ios or Android because of the apps and games that are missing from Windows . Hence I need to use my phone.

V is not a tablet. It is a full PC that happens to be able to emulate SOME of the capabilities of a tablet.


Oh yes it can, because it can run Android too. When you need an Android tablet, boot into Android. When you don’t, boot into Windows.


How do you boot into Android?


Turn it off, press the power button and it will ask if you want to boot Windows or Android… Simple as that. Of course you first have to install it, but there are many guides for that and the installation is super easy.


Ah… :bulb:

I did not know it was an easy thing to do. Most of my experience has been with emulators (generally rubbish).

I will investigate! Cheers!!


as far as I know, most Windows tablets wont run Android well due to missing or unoptimized drivers. Intel doesnt release Android driver for the Core line, it was only (some) Atom products. The end results include (but not limited to) frequent crashes, short battery life, incompatible apps, among many others.

That, assuming all the basic functions (touchscreen, wifi, bluetooth, camera) work in the first place


Simple? Sure. Reliable? Def not.