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You’re not gonna like this but the great thing about USB-C for audio output is that you can get then get the best DAC/amp money can buy in the dongle if you want, and you’re not so reliant on decisions made by a phone manufacturer that most likely isn’t going to prioritise such things.

I mean, devil’s advocate, here…


Unfortunately it takes up the only USB-C port on most if not all phones, in addition to the phenomenon that these DAC/Amp dongles generally “stick out from the middle” because of the location of the port, but not laying flat on the sides as with 3.5mm jacks generally do.

This is worsened by the fact that most people care less about the DAC than the quality of the earphones or other connected audio peripherals themselves.

Playing devil’s advocate too :slight_smile:


Lots of device still use the 3.5mm jack


There is also this


You know i have been watching closely everyone around me and their phones in regards to the audio jack after so many phones decided to go away with it. and to be honest the times ive seen them use it are very minimal. There is just a convenient aspect to having it connect through bluetooth. So i have been slowly changing my opinion and being ok with no headphone jack.


Sorry but I still see many people using audio jack. True that bluetooth user is getting bigger, but the vast majority is using jack.

Maybe it is just me but I see 2 main reasons for that :

  • No battery issues, neither for the headset nor the mobile device
  • Bluetooth models are quite more expensive while very good quality headsets exist for much less


Lol nope. That is NOT AT ALL an advantage of USB C… Because micro USB can do the very same thing. Nothing new.


Thats true, and if you see one of my earlier posts i mentioned that i could do without it if i have amazing battery to justify the extra consumption. Bluetooth devices are not that expensive for the comfort of being able to not be tethered to a device im ok with spending an little bit more. But then again i think its all about mainstream. Once apple released the iphones with no headphone jacks, many people were forced to make the switch (willingly really) but its starting to become a norm and will become the norm as more phones change over. Only a small number of people will like having the jack. Think Vinyl and Cds. Although vinyls are making a comeback lol.


I’m actually considering switching to bluetooth for my everyday use. I have some 2 pin detachable IEMs which I will convert with a bluetooth adapter. The only problem currently are the lack of such cables with good connection and good quality.

I’m hoping when Android Oreo hits the market, LDAC will be the new codec everyone uses. Since it offers much higher bandwidth than Apt-X or Apt-X HD. So I’m stuck waiting for Oreo and until new LDAC compatible bluetooth cables come out.


Except that there is precisely zero microUSB headphones on the market. Its not the fault of microUSB of course, but from the consumer point of view, it is an advantage of USB-C (or Lightning for that matter). Like for example, the advantage of using Android over WP is you get access to Snapchat. Is it because WP is not capable of such things? No, but the app ecosystem isnt there on WP, and thats all that matters for an end user.

On the mobile device, the difference is very minimal since the DAC also uses power. On the headset, a 5-10 minute charge can easily last a whole day of use. You’ll waste more time un-tangling the wires of a wired headphones than it is to charge the battery of a wireless pair.

Thats true to a certain degree. With a headphone jack, if your phone manufacturer decided to cheap out on the DAC, then youre SOL. You can get a $1000 headset and it is not gonna sound as good as a $100 Bluetooth one.

Keep the dongle attached to the headphones all the time, imagine as if it was a USB-C headphones. No big deal. That is, if you still live in the relic of wired headphones, in the first place


I was replying to this:

That’s not about “USB headphones”. That’s about a good DAC+amp (unlike the small shitty DAC that is put into those “USB headphones”). And you know what, there are plenty of portable Hi-Fi DACs out there. I am using one. And they work absolutely fine with micro USB, the very same way as they do with USB type C. There is no difference. FiiO even bundles a micro USB to micro USB cable with some of their DACs…

I don’t think “wasting time” is an issue in either case. The issue is that you need to remember to charge yet another device.


Totally agree, but it is much more difficult, esp. in terms of power and thermal management, and especially for the amp.


So, if I understood you correctly, what you were trying to say is that it would make more sense to have a second USB port on the phone, to connect our dragonfly, or FiiO or whatever, than try to fit the same quality audio components into the phone, right?


Usually wireless headset give you warning indicator when it is low on battery, so you dont need to remember to charge it, it will automagically remind it for you, exactly when it needs to be charged.


For what amp? :slight_smile: Well, the thing is, a smaller screen also consumes less energy and requires less computing power.

Nope, not at all. If you follow the conversation all the way to the start, you’ll see… I wasn’t “making a point”, I was replying to someone else.

My opinion is that for the “normal” users, the current situation is pretty good. Build-in DACs aren’t that bad, and if you want better you can use microUSB. But then you’re not a “normal” user anymore :smile:

Yeah and I’m in a bus. GG WP, no more headphones.


Usually youd still have like an entire day worth of battery life when it first blinks the low battery indicator. How does your phone work anyway? Does it make you go GGWP no more cellphone when it tells you that its low on battery?

How does your car work? Does it make you go GGWP no more car when it tells you that its low on fuel? How does your stomach work? Does it make you GGWP no more Paul when it first tells you that youre hungry?


I don’t know if it’s because of @pauliunas but I’ve switched over to the small screen camp. I don’t really enjoy using my phone (but have to since my laptop is currently unbootable) so when I get my V and a next phone I’ll make sure it’s small and use it only for necessary stuff. I got big hands so Pixel 2 size is fine for me but I wouldn’t mind a little smaller.


  1. save battery life,

  2. compactness (maybe fashion is getting tighter or I’m getting fatter but either way I am starting to have problems comfortably putting phones in my jean pockets),

  3. easier to use one handed,

  4. and a smaller screen will encourage you not to use your phone for media consumption thus limiting its over usecases and usage time.


I don’t really get the 4th point… I mean everything below 10" discourages me to watch videos on it :smile:


I’ve gotten used to consuming a lot of media on my phone. Mostly Netflix and YouTube.


A few thoughts:

BT headphones often come with a pretty decent battery in their case so you can keep the headset charged up most of the time whilst on the go

Larger screens on my phone means that I then have no need for a tablet. The V is a full computer that can do some tablet stuff, but there is a lack of apps / games that I want which my smartphone covers. Having just two devices saves me money and uses less of the world’s resources (ok this last point is stretching it… larger screens saves the world… LOL)