An amazing Eve Phone


If dual SIM - it should be Full Dual Radio one so those SIMs work independently.


shouldn’t there be a electronic SIM soon. No more cards needed…


Does not solve problem with two radio parts needed.


Electronic SIM will not be just everywhere all of a sudden. Given that I travel quite a bit (and recently have spent a year in a third world country - guess what is the first thing I bought :wink:) being able to simply switch to any provider at pretty much any time is important to me, so as much as the technology may be there, as long as it is not implemented worldwide (okay, let’s make an exception for North Korea :laughing:) I consider the possibility to use a “real” SIM slot vital.

In Austria there is one provider who is supposed to offer eSIM sometime soon - but for the time being it would be the only one you could use if your phone cannot use a traditional SIM card even here. Hardware that greatly limits my choice (I do get, that there may be some unsupported bands, but as long as 2G works everywhere… :slightly_smiling_face:) of providers is a no-go to me.


Look at the razer phone it has great specs


Don’t care about gaming, but if it is truly the first smartphone with hifi audio, that’s really something.


They didn’t pitch it just for gaming, but for entertainment. Either way, Im super surprised that they (seemingly) aren’t cutting corners with the product. Everything from the display to the battery is nothing but boundary-pushing.

The size isn’t my taste (never been a fan of phablets) but its certainly the best among its competitors, and if we take the OS aside, its the one I would buy if I had to buy a phablet.


Please define “hi-fi”. 24bit means absolutely nothing of the actual quality… And I think there was already some smartphone that tried to advertise their 24bit stuff…


I wouldn’t say it’s a first, there are phones out there with great audio already, like the LG V20 and V30. But doing a bit more research, it seems it’s the first phone to be certified by THX. I generally take THX with a huge grain of salt, since it’s more marketing fluff. The Dolby Atmos spec is only for the loud speakers.


That’s how they advertise their offering. Hence the “if”.
For practical purposes I would classify as “reasonably hifi” anything that scores at least a B on stereophile (higher scores are possible even in portable mp3/flac players - think of Astell&Kern - but the price skyrockets)


Eve should totally do something like the Razer Phone, in terms of specs and direction, but a bit smaller.


Yes, I’d like that. The size of the iPhone X or Lumia 650. With dual SIM that can both operate at 3G or above, and still allow an SD card as well.


Looks like a really solid piece of tech, and I love the fact that the price is just $699, even though similarly spec’d phones from other players often sell for more. I think Razer knows how hard it is to break into this space, so now they can boast better specs and better price. Love that it ships with Nova, but we’ll have to wait to see some camera tests to see if it can challenge the big boys (remember Essential Phone)

Also, did anyone realize this thing has no headphone jack? At least they used the space for a massive battery and good front facing speakers, but having to use a dongle is always going to be a bit of a bummer.

If Eve makes a phone. I don’t know if that’s the direction Eve wants to yet because the market is soooo competitive and they don’t have a lot of experience (relatively speaking) in producing devices. Eve might be a couple years away from a phone, but if they do, I agree. Kill it on specs/design and price, and fill a (somewhat) empty niche (smaller phones).


RIGHHHTTT!!! I would be ok without the top speaker band/grill to have more space for screen. But that battery size and the fingerprint reader on the side is a must. Im ok without headphone jack if they do dedicated sim card and huge battery. That way i can justify the constant use of bluetooth.
@Skimaster i dont know about years away.


Any way to be ready for 5G or prequel thereof?
Otherwise happy with most other specs.


Thing is the phone has to be that big for two main things

  1. to have twin stereo speakers, non negotiable imo, a must have
  2. to keep a 16:9 aspect ratio for media consumption. It’s been proven elsewhere that 18:9 is a bit useless for vids and pics


Why “even”? There’s nothing bad about being small. Even “hi-fi” DACs aren’t that big, they’re just small microschemes… When the thing is running off a battery, the power circuitry becomes much simpler, and when you’re only using it with headphones, the amp doesn’t need to be big either. It’s totally possible to fit very decent audio in a smartphone, it’s just very expensive. Manufacturers usually don’t want to spend over $50 on audio alone, especially in smaller phones where they would need to sacrifice a little bit of something else to get that extra space.


TBH On a small phone i wouldnt want Twin Stereo Speakers. I rather get a nice bluetooth speaker. Im not trying to entertain anyone. If i need to get so loud then i rather connect it to a bluetooth speaker or system.


The DAC/amp is not only about speakers. There is also a headphone jack…


I apologize if I have missed a thread that carried this train of thinking, but could we make the phone modular like the Moto Z series phones or some of the docking versions we have talked about recently. My entire family and I have 6 DROID moto z force v1 phones and have just about all of the mods that come with them. While some are silly or aren’t worth the money (like the projector), some are quite useful and fun to use. They also sell kits to create one’s own mod. It might be something many here might be interested in, if it is done right.
I know I’m going from old information, but I know there was an X-Prize for whomever could “replicate” the sensors that can detect everything on Star Trek. They were looking for the most innovative and creative ways to have a Phablet-like device perform many medical tests and functions. My wife is a pharmacist who works at a hospital and she thinks it would be great to have a device like that, especially in rural settings where care may not be as close or handily available.