An amazing Eve Phone


I believe I have already seen a laptop like this a few years back. Mind you, if the mechanism is patented, finding a non-imitative alternative would not be easy at all.


Yeah true but they all look like overly complicated mechanisms, like the one you have shown, which is a poor design in my opinion. Lenovo’s is better but has its own problems.

They have to complicated because as far as I know you can’t get a design patent on simple designs, they’ll never hold up in court (like apple trying to design patent rounded corners).

If you can find a simple way of doing it you don’t really need to worry about patents. The problem is does a simple solution even exist?


It does!


Nope, no products with foldable screens have been released yet. What you saw is probably a laptop with two separate screens.


Rather than fold how about a slide? One thing screen over the other.

Sure there would be a line and a step, so the major downside would be any swiping across that line

The benefit though would be a stronger and smaller device when folded, larger real estate which you can choose to have or not (main screen exposed always, secondary screen slides out when needed), it could also resurrect my most loved mobile design, the matrix Nokia phone “slide and shut” (so cool, reminded me of a gun!


Maybe my post was not clear enough. What I saw was an ordinary laptop. The only novel thing about it was the hinge, which was exactly like the hinge in the picture. We were discussing the hinge.


well… that’s pretty much the hinge of the surface book then… :wink:



Yes. I had paid so little attention that I could not remember where I had seen it!


When I mentioned the possibility of creating a small tablet/phablet working as a smartphone and suggested a foldable device, I was making reference to the Microsoft patent for that kind of device.


The only reason I recommended Windows is because the device could replace a PC. Anyone asking for differences between Windows Mobile and Android is just a typical smartphone user. Windows 10/10S will replace Windows Mobile, and it is a full-fledged OS, not a stripped down version for phones. It should be possible to run applications from many platforms and even Win32. This device could work as a smartphone, tablet, or PC.


Five years from now, when 90% of the users will only buy a single device for everything we will understand that we don’t need to have a mainframe, mini-computer, dumb terminal, smart terminal, PC, laptop, ultrabook, tablet, traditional phone, dumb phone, smartphone, VoIP phone, dumb watch, smartwatch, fitness band, we won’t have space for our clothes.


A joke about history and evolution.
In the early days of computers, there was UNIVAC, a mainframe serving multiple users (time-sharing) from dumb terminals.
Isaac Asimov, the science fiction writer, wrote a short story talking about MULTIVAC, a single computer on Earth, shared by everyone.
Then, the PC arrived, “personal”, no longer shared.
Years later, we are moving to the CLOUD, and our previously personal computers are becoming smart terminals (Cromebook).
That is the spiral of evolution.
Very soon we will have our “personal” mainframe embedded in our bodies, and we will be permanently connected to the new universal CLOUD.


I still have to disagree there, technology advances pretty fast, but 5 years is just too fast. Apple alone will ensure that, there are way too many people that will buy the newest MacBook and iPhone every year until Apple does away with Macs entirely, and I very highly doubt that’ll happen in 5 years. Also, screen size is an extremely important factor - people want a pocket computer (thus, smart phone), and a computer with a larger screen (laptop/tablet).

The kind of devices people regularly carry with them from day to day hasn’t changed much in the past 10 years - laptop and a phone. The iPhone has been around for 10 years now, and its maybe even more popular now than it was originally. As laptops become thinner and lighter, I don’t think people will feel less like carrying them around.

Looking at the university I’m at, every single person has a laptop, and I don’t think anybody is against having one. There are tons of people without smartphones, but everybody has a laptop. Does everybody need one? Not at all, there are plenty of computers available on campus for students to use, and there are many majors and degree program that don’t require a computer for even a single course. One could get by with just a smartphone if they wanted to. Most students have a laundry list of uses for their laptop outside of school too.

There are also lots of laptop/computer companies that don’t want to go out of business, and I’m sure they will do a good job selling devices to the general public.


Even now, sometimes I project my video to a TV wirelessly. Many people use ultrabooks and attach monitors or TVs. My main PC has 3 monitors, but my laptops have TVs.


Yeah but you’re not running it all from your phone either. One could say that monitors and desktops will not be used in 5 years with the same logic you’re applying to laptops, and it simply isn’t so. Maybe in 20 years people will be doing something very different, but not yet.


Why not assembling two Samsung galaxy edge with such a hinge… There will be a little gap in the middle, but who cares…?


That would be so expensive.
Also ew.


I 100% agree w/ this. I just shelled out $1000 for a new Note 8, and would have happily given that to Eve. The niche is business/corporate power users that want to use a stylus/pen. I can’t overstate how useful a stylus is once you integrate it into work flow.

I would have loved to have seen Microsoft make some/any (do anything?) effort at developing a Surface phone, and much as the Eve V is a high end boutique version of the Surface Pro, they could also find a niche in the same category albeit phone.

As far as the Samsung Note 8? So far I love, it has exceeded expectations. The battery life is excellent, even w/ constant, heavy use. They inexplicably crippled their S-note app, which used to have incredible features.


Although I think Eve should first focus on the eGPU and dock to supplement the V followed by a SurfaceBook like device with an NVIDIA GPU and a U class processor, I am intrigued by the idea of an EVE phone with long battery life.

I believe battery life would be top item on most people’s list. That was the focus with the V, so this would be consistent with EVE’s principles.

Important features:

  • High Battery Life
  • Display
  • Front Facing Speakers
  • USB-C?
  • Galaxy Note like Pen

Did I miss anything?

  • camera
  • dual SIM (at least :sweat_smile:), extra SD slot (no weird SIM/SD slot hybrid, if so then only for third SIM :laughing:)
  • probably also body size (by no means bigger than Lumia 532 if you ask me), but this is where previous discussions have shown that there are quite different preferences regarding that :slight_smile: