An amazing Eve Phone


Yes, but then youd need to bring the charger, remember not to leave it in class or wherever youre charging, plus fast charging in general degrades the battery faster than regular way of charging. Its a stop-gap solution, true, but its not really solving the problem imo.

Here, for example, the effects on cycle life at elevated charge voltages. Higher charge voltages boost capacity but lowers cycle life.



Since battery life seems a big deal, does anyone have any thoughts on using some quirky efficient sunlight-readable display tech as a differentiator from the other flagship phones?

I’m thinking something unusual like colour e-ink, electrowetting, Mirasol, etc. It might be fun to get a display company with a a similarly disruptive attitude to Eve, and trying to shake up the industry a bit :smiling_imp:


Not twice. But look, people love huge phones. Just look at those 6" giants… Size is not an issue nowadays. And a thick phone is way more ergonomic than a wide phone. Extra thickness doesn’t make a phone much harder to use, whereas a few extra mm width can make it a huge PITA.


You can’t make predictions for all languages and all colloquialisms people use. Prediction is out of the question. No matter how hard you try with haptic feedback, it won’t work. The screen is flat, you can’t feel the buttons before pressing them. So while you can replicate the feeling, you can’t replicate the feedback before pressing a button and potentially letting the user correct their finger position before making an error.


I have hard time believing those charts since most fast charge technologies charge at 5 - 6.5V and according to that it would take less than 200 cycles to halve the battery life.

Maybe it is somewhat out of date with today’s battery management technologies or I’m just misinterpreting the whole thing.


If it were only the keyboard, it would not double the thickness. If double the thickness, than it is either bad designed if they don’t use the spare space.


Guess it’s almost confirmed then.
Let’s get that screen for our Eve phone :smiling_imp:


Charge voltages and rate of charge are different animals :slight_smile:
You are absolutely right, higher charge voltages would decrease the number of charge cycles. But charge voltages are not the voltage we charge a cell at but rather the voltage we charge it to. So @ higher potential a cell will accept more charge (mAh) but @ a cost of the lifespan.
Today we typically charge the lithium ion cells to 4.2V and with the right understanding of the particular chemistry and structure of the cell we can apply fast charging with minimal negative effects on longevity. The many schools of thoughts on the best way to do it, but I think that would be off-topic in this thread :wink:

Btw if those were 18650s in the graph tested, they are some really old crappy cells haha. Today we are well over 3000 mAh for 18650s and some cells approaching 4000 mark (please discard fake cells claiming 5-9 Ah lol)


i thing about Eve Phone! omg,it is a surpurse


An Eve phone would have their own processor (like the Snapdragon 8…) It would be put up to par with an iPhone and be way more powerful! It could have a 13 megapixel dual lens camera, retina scanner, bluetooth 5.0, 5g (It is a thing), and a pen! But it would had to have something that sets it apart… Like a holographic laser keyboard!


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Can we stop talking about a phone. We can’t even get a computer yet and your talking about a phone. Even the guy who invented Android can’t get his phone to market.


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Kindly asking you, if you want to discuss an Eve TV, to please create a separate thread to make sure this one stays clean. This topic is on an Eve Phone only.


For me, there hasn’t been a top end phone since the HTC M8 which has decent front facing speakers. Watching videos and youtube clips is the norm now rather than just seeing pics, so I think it’s really important. I’ve owned Samsung’s most of the time since I adopted smartphones and no matter how great the processor, display etc. it always pales in comparison to my wife’s M8 speakers :frowning:


I would like to see a V phone, your Eve V 2 in 1 looks absolutely amazing i think you have done an amazing job and when possible i am definitely going to purchase one, i also love how you managed to fit a fingerprint sensor on it too its genius… As i was saying i would love to see your company make a smartphone… specs: 5.5/5.8 inch screen with nearly edge to edge display, 16 mp camera with 20 mp telephoto lens, both optically stabilised. A snapdragon 835 or newer chip, running a bloatware free version of the new android software or maybe even oxygen OS because as we know Oneplus are doing pretty well with that also its already bloatfree with unlimited customisation. USB type C, hidden front facing speakers for immersive sound, a 3600mah battery to last all day and make the screen 1080p bc super amoled and that shit is just too battery draining and has no use its pretty mush the exact same looking. Of course include a headphone jack unlike those idiots (apple). An average front camera would be preferred a fingerprint sensor on a capacitive home button would be good with amazing speeds, also a reliable face unlock method (optional). software wise just bloatfree, some screen off gestures and even the screen off clock is something i love and i think everyone would find useful. For price i would think somewhere around 400 to 450$ would be ideal. also for colours i have some great ideas for example a stealthy all black with your amazing V logo on the back in a vibrant red which will be visible from a mile away would also look so attractive, another is a more elegant sleek silver coloured phone with a black V logo on the back for yet another sexy looking phone and still elegant for the average user. oh and idk about this but i think your logo in neon green would look like wow idek how to describe it, i think it would rip the market apart with its sexiness lol. Anyway i think thats about it, please reply and add more things V community and creators i would love feedback. Thanks for hearing me out guys, i really appreciate it and love the work your already doing, you have great things ahead of you. MJ


I’d agree with Android rather than Windows as per the op, simply so I can play games like coc.

How about releasing two versions, one Windows one Android?


With those specs and limited order capacity i think the price of 400dollars is way way too low.

Not even OnePlus with their sales numbers (which are not of course even comperable to Samsung/LG/Apple) cant get the price down that low.


Yeah maybe it is too low how about a 550$ price tag?


Also i think with the way the EVE V has kicked off the way you advertise your hone will make you highly likely to get sales.