An amazing Eve Phone


I think it really comes down to either IOS or Android. Can’t do IOS so Android would be the way to go. Even the guy that invented Android is introducing his own phone.

He’s still not up to par with what people want unless you want a 360 camera on your phone that will get less than 5% use.


You are indeed a happy (and hopeful/optimistic) nerd xD :slight_smile:


Google themselves are abandoning Android (and Linux kernel) for Fuchsia OS, I wouldnt really be thrilled with Android if I be honest


This? Wow very high tech… Not!


Well they have that, and project Treble in Android. It seems to be more of the same from Google about having competing services. I just hope this one ends better than hangouts/talk/all/duo has so far, lol


First time I hear about that… Does it run Android apps? No? Then it’s not worth attention :wink:


Fuchsia isnt even in Alpha state at the moment. It is impossible to say what they will use it for and when.


Maybe use salefish os


Hmm… Might be worth a look, we could use a similar display…


uhm really? That would be like shooting yourself to head. SailfishOS is as dead as win10 mobile with nonexistent app ecosystem.


No thanks. I don’t use a smartphone on a desk. I use it in my hand and I’m sure most people too.


How about a smartphone case with bluetooth keyboard? I would find that more useful than a blackberry like keyboard, since my fingers have problem with such tiny keys. I once had a phone which had a keyboard that could slide out from the side, that was one of the best phones I had on the typing side, downside was the low specs and the android from than. And compared to todays phones it is kind of small (certainly when comparing to samsung note series or iphone plus models).


Well, the keys are just as small as the on-screen keyboard, except they’re physical, which makes typing a lot easier. But I agree, slide out is the best solution. I would argue whether it should be horizontal or vertical, though… On the one hand, horizontal allows better spacing, but on the other hand vertical makes it usable in one hand. I would need to think for a while to decide what is more important :smile: I prefer being able to use a phone in one hand (that’s why I bought a Sony Xperia X Compact), but I could still use a touch keyboard when I want…


It is also twice the thickness and weight of an ordinary smartphone; which, I guess, explains why the concept never really caught on.


LG Q6 seems like a great phone :slight_smile:


This seems interesting too…


And twice the thickness, with careful planning that could result in twice the battery life , which would be great since todays smartphones have to be charged daily because of the lack of big battery capacity. I sometimes have to charge it halfway the day because I was using internet during classes.


Charging becomes a non issue if you have something like Dash charging from Oneplus. All it takes 15-20 minutes a day.

The other way to go is to perfect the on screen keyboards with say increased TP accuracy and improved predictions. And for those who want “feel” perfect force feedback, like Apple did on their trackpads


Except that this extra thickness would just be taken by the keyboard, not the battery.


That would be an insta buy :slight_smile: