An amazing Eve Phone


Well the statusbar seems to stretch, but don’t know how it will work. Also not sure what the aspect ratio on that display is

Interesting concept atleast. But we are not going to see that in Europe anytime soon if ever


I believe they did it to bring it more into the"standardized" design of iOS and Android.
When you take into account their purchase of Xamarin, and the idea to get apps converted over for the Windows platform, then it makes sense that they were trying to standardize Windows Mobile by moving controls to the corners.
Unfortunately, doing this took away some of the key differentiators of Windows Mobile (Phone), which were the controls on the bottom, and the pivot menus (I don’t remember the technical term), such as what the People app used to use.

And most of it has become meaningless now because of Windows Mobile’s status of all but being relegated to the dustbin.


Ahh hadn’t noticed that, I’m just keen to see new ideas in the mobile space and got over excited. Mobile phones are stale and dull now.


Is eve planning to take this next step ?


There is nothing officially planned yet. Right now different ideas are being discussed and as soon as the web shop is open and the V is in full production and being shipped the team is free to think about the next device and what it’s going to be or rather let the community vote for it :slight_smile:


The screen aspect ratio is 19:10.
If you remove the space taken by the statusbar (which is, I think, elongated to take into account the camera), you get exactly 16:9.

Basically, far from taking information away, you’re getting a bonus area of screen which handily displays the statusbar.


A oled screen would be nice and using a AMD cpu would be a great idea


And a good audio Dac and a ir sensor for controlling TV and other stuff work with nikon for the camera


I would like to see a keyboard on the phone like the way is showing in photo in next post


Here it is


You can just edit your previous post, if you want to add something. No need to do several individual posts :slight_smile:


If you plan to use it only as a phone, 5.2 might be enough; however, if you plan to use it as a “swiss army knife” (reading, managing e-mail, taking notes during meetings and so on), bigger is better. Of course you can save space by adopting a slim frame style, like the Galaxy s8s or the MiX


Well I second that. I have a iPhone 6 and always thought how the plus versions are unwieldy, but since that was my first real smartphone (well, I had a Galaxy W wonder thing that couldn’t even open the native GPS app without crashing several times) I soon discovered how handy it is for emails and messenger and those tasks, and than I can understand the bigger display having advantages. The last few months I have been wondering about how great such big smartphones could be to take small notes, like shopping lists, reminders, small notes during meetings or such. Problem is, I haven’t seen any tiny styli for that. I have bought the smallest they had in the shop near me, but it really sucks for even just regular navigation so I hope there will come solutions for that. I hope the galaxy note 8 will be out sooner rather than later, than I can test it out in the shop to see how great its stylus works and if it can charm me, I probably replace my iPhone with it. Otherwise I will probably just wait until there comes another solution or my iPhone needs replacement.


Having support for chromecast is a must


Updated the first post! Tell me if you think anything more should be changed :slight_smile:


Windows Phone was already standardized, and the standard was incomparably better than Android or iOS. There was no need to ruin it all. They could have made Xamarin adhere to Windows Phone standards on all platforms…

@catonkatonk, that will work only if they manage to optimize the status bar for this nonsense. Android by default isn’t, so they either have to display icons in two rows (cluttered mess) or leave significantly less area for notifications…


Using an AMD CPU would be a terrible idea. Intel CPUs are still not efficient enough for such a thing, and AMD is literally eating Intel’s dust in this area.


Maybe 4 dual purpose slots (so that you can have any combination, from 1 sim and 3 micro sd to 4 sim) would be the Holy Grail

Again, Win/Linux/Android triple boot would be the Holy Grail[quote=“fanoftech4life, post:1, topic:512”]

  • Internal storage - 32GB/64GB/128GB

Better make it 128/256 :slightly_smiling_face:

Definitely 5.5" minimum, over 6" better :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, please no, better use a nice trifold bluetoth keyboard instead!

I would say 5000mAh minimum :slightly_smiling_face:

… and please think of a 2/3 or an 1" sensor for the camera and a decent, fast, 30mm equiv. lens (alternatively a 3x zoom, if you use a smaller sensor or dual camera, one with a 30mm equiv. and one with a 90mm equiv. lens)!

I dare say hi-fi reproduction is even more important!

what about dual usb-c (one of them tb3, if it makes sense at all in terms of speed) + standard audio jack. Sennheiser, Klipsch, Schure, B&W, Etymotic, etc are nowhere near adopting USB-C for their earphones.


Windows phones are dead.


Windows Phone phones are dead, but Windows phones haven’t even been born yet. I think it’s just about time to start making them :slight_smile: