An amazing Eve Phone


That’s how I came to know :joy:


I think, they will have no chance as they have taken the basic reference model by Microsoft and overpriced that. Already other have tried that without success e.g. NuAns NEO.
Everything else they made right, especially the marketing: a phone for fans (and there are a lot of them as there were no actual phones for “normal” people, that are not overpriced).
For success, we would need to create a new model with „actual” hardware. Something like the EVE V Phone :wink:. This would be much more interesting. Some mid-high range smartphone with actual hardware (processor, usb-c, iris-scan or fingerprint…) at a reasonable price with the power of the marketing for fans would be great.
The exterior shouldn’t be plastic but premium and high quality materials. With this I think it has a chance to be a success. I know many people who would buy one but there is nothing interesting on the market.
Look at OnePlus how they began: with a midrange smartphone and see where they are.


I think they want to make a follow up with fan’s input… I just hope they don’t go bankrupt in the meantime


don’t know that, but 290$ for that hardware are a bit high in my opinion. There are Lumia 950 and XL for less on the market (and neither them are on actual hardware)…


Has Oneplus ever released a “mid range” phone? Maybe Oneplus X, but I think they’re all pretty high end (for their time) :slight_smile:


Yes, you are right – my fault :wink: But nevertheless they began small with one phone and the goal to make it at a low price (in relation of the hardware used). Something similar as Eve with the V.


Maybe T1 is a better example, as it really had amazing price to quality ratio :slight_smile: V also has that, but it’s more of a premium product already. Like later Oneplus models :slight_smile:


I consider the V the most premium device in the category because Eve is only sourcing from the top manufacturers which ensures the best quality you can possibly get :slight_smile: but now let’s get on topic shall we? :wink:


Finally got a chance to see an S8 in the flesh. Tech is scarce back in India, atleast where I stay…
I think it looks absolutely phenomenal with barely any bezels. I certainly have my grudges against it (cough, glass back, cough), but let’s keep all aside for now…
What hit me, was how easy it was to use with one hand.
My HTC 10, despite having a 5.2" screen, was harder to use than the monstrous 5.8" display of the S8. This is because they opted to use a 18:9 aspect ratio for the display, opposed to the standard 16:9 displays of old.
This reduced the width drastically, making the HTC 10 4mm wider than the S8.
Imagine an S8 Mini with a smaller display. The only competition it faces is the Sony X Compact, and the S8 is 3mm wider than that. So a smaller display, say 5", would make it a truly one-handed phone, something that many, including me, crave for.
I think these displays are the future for those who want to use their smartphones with one hand. But reaching hamburger menus were pretty tough on the S8, or anything at the top of the phone in general, and I do hope a smaller screen can mitigate that…
I know it’s pretty tough for Eve to create displays at this stage, so I hope this may be a point to remember in the future…


Nope, slim bezels make accidental touches way too common. I have a Sony X Compact and I must say I do notice myself touching the right bezel right near the screen very often. Sometimes I touch it accidentally while just reaching for something on the left side. There must be at least 1.5mm of bezel to avoid that…


I hate hamburger menus… So insanely much… It’s just completely dumb… Especially on websites, when you can’t move it and it’s always on the top left corner…


Especially when it’s on top left corner!!! The majority of population is right-handed, why would they put something so often used in literally the most difficult place to reach???


And then start to increase the screen size year by year :joy:


I’m right handed and use my phone in my left hand, all of the time. I will agree that top right corner is easier to reach with the left hand, but I think that either corner works fine. Especially if the phone has the “reachability” thing Windows Mobile has (that Apple copied).


I guess you’re “both-handed” then :wink: I can’t even answer calls properly with my left hand, since I’m really right-handed, as in my right hand’s dexterity is 10 times better than left hand’s. Speaking of one-handed mode, I loved how Windows Phone 8 had most controls at the bottom. I don’t understand why they moved them to the top later… It doesn’t make sense at all.


This looks a better solution for us


Besides the worst front camera placement ever, yeah…


The problem with that design is that you lose information. I mean some pixels are simply missing, like behind rounded corners and camera. So if you watch a movie, you have cutouts there. Just an example. But it really makes no sense to cut out a screen like that…


Here is a quote from Verge from hands on the Essential Phone

I’ll say this about it: it’s super weird at first to have a camera sitting in the middle of the top of the screen, where you’d expect it to cover up stuff you’d need. But Android almost never puts anything in that space — it’s empty status bar up there. And Rubin said on stage that it won’t cut into movies either. In the few minutes I played around with the Essential phone, my eyes kept getting drawn to that gap… until they didn’t. I am guessing that people who see the phone will find it strange, but people who use the phone won’t mind it at all.


Status bar is about 3mm wide. The camera is bigger than that. So it covers, for example, my URL bar. Oh, and with my corrent phone’s example, even the status bar would be problematic: